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Thursday December 17 2009
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Greg snatch
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Travis 2009-12-16
How much does Castro snatch again?
Dave Castro 2009-12-16
LP 2009-12-16
I didn't know you could snatch a medicine ball
Jaime 2009-12-16
oh snap....med ball snatches are highly advanced
Eric L. 2009-12-16

I have noticed that you wear what appears to be lifting straps in the snatch pull video, my two questions are
1. are you wearing straps?
2. and if so, when should you wear them?

Thanks in advance and love the program and all your help

Greg Everett 2009-12-16
Eric1. Yes2. During all pulls and deadlifts; usually during power snatches and muscle snatches; during hang snatches with multiple reps; during some block work. Basically anything where grip/hand pain would limit performance and grip work is not necessary.
Bony 2009-12-16
Yea, Dave just snatched his body weight yesterday. Quite an accomplishment considering he's been stuck at 120# for quite some time. His 6# PR was pretty impressive.
John B 2009-12-16

When using the straps do you use a regular grip instead of the hook grip?
Greg Everett 2009-12-16
John - Yes. You want to use as loose of a grip as you can as long as your hand position is the same.
dan 2009-12-16
hey greg,
could you please clarify the role of coming off on the toes during the 2nd pull? after looking at various videos, it seems like a lot of people come off of there heels before the hips fully extend. e.g. http://www.mikesgym.org/wod/images/rybakou187_th.jpg

i always thought that the plantarflexion of the ankle only occured as a continuation of the complete extension of the hips and knees, and doing it prematurely would dampen the power exerted on the bar not dissimilar to pulling with bent arms.

i also noticed that other successful lifters pull without ever lifting their heels, moving noiselessly to the squat stance.
Mike Maruffi 2009-12-17
Combined elements from yesterday and tomorrow

Front Squat 75% x 4 x 5 - 115kg
Snatch Pull 85% x 3 x 4 - 85kg
Overhead Squat 65% x 3 x 5(3 sec pause) - 70kg
High Hang Snatch 60% x 2 x 4 - 60kg
Rob 2009-12-17
Gregg, could you clarify "contrast plunges"?
ryan 2009-12-17
I think the contrast plunges are alternating hot and cold baths.
Rice Owls Catalysts 2009-12-17
Hey I just read the info page (should have done this earlier) and am struck again by how great this free resource is; thanks again greg!
Greg Everett 2009-12-17
Dan - Some people's ankles will begin extending during the scoop. Sometimes it's a technical style, and sometimes it's a technical error - depends on what your intention is. I prefer the feet to stay flat as long as possible.
Eric L. 2009-12-17
I've been looking all over for some sort of Strength Standards for the Snatch and C&J (Novice, Intermediate,Advanced)similar to Rippetoe's SS Standards. Do you have or know where I can find something similar? My BW is 83kg if that helps

Thanks Again -Eric
Greg Everett 2009-12-17
Eric - Never seen anything like that. I would say for a beginner, something along the lines of 100% BW snatch and 125% BW CJ.
Big D 2009-12-17
Great info, thanks for sharing.

Here is another excellent video, particularly for the MMA participants who may visit this page:


Mike Haytack 2009-12-17
i think i respect your taste in music more than you Greg Everett, that session looked like all sorts of awesomeness!
saulj 2009-12-18
"I would say for a beginner, something along the lines of 100% BW snatch and 125% BW CJ."

That's humbling... 2010 is going to include _alot_ more lifting...
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