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Friday December 18 2009
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Poly split jerk
  • Overhead squat - 65% (of snatch) x 3 x 5; 3 sec pause in bottom
  • Tall snatch - 3 x 3; find weight that allows good speed and sharp turnover
  • High-hang snatch - 60% x 2 x 4
3 sets; no rest:
300 m row
3 rope climbs

On tall snatches and high-hang snatches, focus on immediate and aggressive pull under with the arms, keeping the elbows out to the sides; don't focus on shrugging.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Peter Haas 2009-12-18
Put one of your link graphics up on our site. 2 things:

1. Had to change the IMG url to an absolute to get the image to display.
2. I don't think you closed the anchor on any of the code.

Dan 2009-12-18
I tried to add as well and no image will display. Obviousely I'm not as well vered as Pete to fix it on my own....
Cory 2009-12-18

Going to have to miss lifting today. Do you suggest that I do Friday and Saturday lifts on Saturday Sunday? The next few weeks will be hit and miss for me due to some vacation time and family activities so I am trying to fit in all that I can.

Thanks again for the advice and excellent coaching/programming!

Neil Scholtz 2009-12-18
Had to miss Wed & today's training. Was unloading and moving tonnes (literally 4.5 tonnes) of kettlebells & dumbbells.

Looking forward to tomorrow though.
Greg Everett 2009-12-18
Ah man. What a rookie mistake. Should all be fixed now.
Greg Everett 2009-12-18
Cory - Yes, you can bump Fri-Sat to Sat-Sun.
Charlie 2009-12-18
Hey Greg,

What can I substitute for rope climb?

Thanks for the workouts, this is my first week to follow one of your strength cycles. I was at Blackbox Summit and heard you speak.
Greg Everett 2009-12-18
Charlie - Hang a towel over a pull-up bar. Grab it with one hand above the other and do a pull-up that brings your chin above the lower hand; switch hands; repeat. Do 6-8 for each rope climb.
Björn Uddenfeldt 2009-12-18
Is there NO bending in knees and hips when doing high-hang snatch?
Greg Everett 2009-12-18
Bjorn - There is bending in both. If there were none, it would be a tall snatch. Check out the "exercises" link at the top of the page for videos/descriptions of both exercises.
Scott Pauly 2009-12-18

Overhead squat - 60kg x 3 x 5; 3 sec pause in bottom

Tall snatch - 3 x 3; 40kg

High-hang snatch - 51kg x 2 x 4

3 sets; no rest:
300 m row
3 rope climbs

Also did 12 reps@bodyweight Overhead Squat. This is a Pr by 4 reps.
Sam McGowan 2009-12-18
All numbers in lbs.

OHS: 115x3x5
Tall Sn: 65x3x3
HHSn: 95x2x4
Nick P 2009-12-18
I have removed the 'other metcon only, poor form in the lifts but we don't care as long as people get faster times' site from my bookmarks. I never go anyways and it's just a bunch of political articles that are angry.

PM forever :)
Jesse Woody 2009-12-18
OHS w/pause: 145# x 3 x 5
Tall Sn.: 95# x 3 x 3
HH Sn: 135# x 2 x 4

JCW 2009-12-18
OHS- 135
tall snatch- 75
high hang snatch- 125
3 sets
row 300
2 rope climbs bout 23 feet
John B 2009-12-18
OHS - 75#x3x5
Tall Sn - 65#x3x3
Hh Sn - 75#x2x4

No rower, 200m run instead
Pull-ups band assist

First time doing a tall snatch and I felt like something really clicked with my technique. Thanks for the great programming.
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-18
OHS- 110#
tall snatch- 75#
high hang snatch- 100#
3 sets
row 300
2 rope climbs bout 15 feet
Matt D 2009-12-19
I added the links to our site and our coaches blog. Both Donna and I appreciate all you and Aimee do, so we are happy to spread the word down here in New Zealand.
Ian Carver 2009-12-19
135 Lbs x3x5

Tall Snatch
85 Lbs x3x3

High Hang Snatch
120 Lbs x2x4
Dallas Hartwig 2009-12-19
OHS 120# x3x5
Tall Sn 95# x3x3
High Hang Sn 110# x2x4

4 rounds for time of: 300m row, 5 135# hang power cleans - 7:58
jason gusic 2009-12-19
i save the icon as a pic then use that pick as a link to websites that mihgt help. back to work after 6 weeks with a jacked shoulder! glad to talk about weights again!!!
LK 2009-12-19
done 12/19/09

OHS: 45# (was easier than expected - wrists were the only part feeling fatigued now that I corrected the grip width)
Tall SN: 40#
HH SN: 40#

No row/climbs today.
EricB in IL 2009-12-31
All weights in pounds.

Combined elements from Tues, Wed, and Fri WOD.

Tall Snatch - 65x3x3
High-Hang Snatch - 115x2x4
Power Clean + Clean - 135x2+1x3
Power Jerk + Jerk - 135x2+1x3

Metcon - 3 rft of:
15 kipping pullups
20 pushups

4:30 (all pullups unbroken)

Phil 4:13

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