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Sunday December 20 2009
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Jolie sandbag run
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Steve 2009-12-19
great article. would never guess that this suggestion would illicit such a hostile response from HQ but the message needed to get out there. I commend you and Wolf for your integrity and courage and the classy way you've handled this situation.
LP 2009-12-19
uugghh Greg!
I am following a bit behind and just finished the first half of that little Bulgarianish Cycle and it is KILLING me... I feel like I ought to be hitting PR's on all the heavy singles, but I am having a lot of trouble even matching my old lifts. It's very discouraging... am I still doing worthwhile trainig if my numbers are dropping from day to day?
JR 2009-12-20
LP - if you aren't making gains on the bulgarian cycle prescribed, have you examined your diet and sleep and other activity to make sure your recovery is optimal? Also, i've noticed that if an athlete jumps into a cycle that they aren't used to as far as high volume, then sometimes it's too much for them.
LP 2009-12-20
I think I can handle the volume... But my recovery is definitely NOT dialed in lately, what with exams and christmas parties and debauchery. So, I guess that's my answer.

But I still am wondering if this is just a waste of time. Will I come out of these two weeks a better/stronger lifter even if I am not recovering optimally and hitting PRs every workout? i.e. if I am just lifting heavy weights, this will still have SOME overall benefit, right?
Mark Gleason 2009-12-20
Hey Greg, is it possible for you to release the videos in iPhone/iPod format?
Gene 2009-12-20
Went for maxes this evening, no PR's...

Snatch 135# (PR is 140#)
Clean and Jerk 175# (PR is 185#) I cleaned 180, and 185, but failed the jerk
Deadlift 295# (PR is only 305#, but I hurt my back a few months ago deadlifting 275 and have stayed away from heavy deads since. It was good to train the lift again, but I'm nervous about re-injuring myself, and couldn't budge 305)
saulj 2009-12-21
LP - There have been a number of articles dealing, in a general way, with your questions in the past 6 moths in the PM. Plandomization is the best one but all of Matt Foreman's articles are pretty appropriate as well.

Specifically, "if I am just lifting heavy weights, this will still have SOME overall benefit, right? "

Some benefit, yes, but the real question is how to both name and maximize the benefit. As Greg has said, strength is a physical characteristic that takes time to develop. I know when I am in your situation, i.e. lots of things going on and my training time and/or quality is sporadic, I have a skill goals for each workout. For instance, getting better at my bounce in the FS, using tall snatches to help me get under the bar faster, foot positioning with the jerk, etc. I use 50% to 75% of my max loads so that I don't get frustrated with my "weakness." I think working on doing the movements correctly for two weeks will give you more "bang for the buck" than going heavy for two weeks.

Hope this helps, have a great break!
Greg Everett 2009-12-21
LP -This is tough stuff - You may find you need to cut back a bit, or you may find that it just takes you a bit longer to get conditioned for this type of training. In either case, yes, it will benefit you. You're not expected to hit PRs 3/week - that's just crazy.
Greg Everett 2009-12-21
Mark -I don't even know what that means. Quicktime videos work fine on iPhones.... Is there some super magic format I don't know about (or do you just want a smaller file size)?
Gordo 2009-12-21
Thanks for staying the course, Greg. Every time I have followed your main page WoD, I have always come away better at most GPP (read CrossFit) type activities. Where I do end up sucking (20 min metcons), it comes back quickly, and I manage to maintain my proficiency in the classic lifts.

Looking forward to continued progress thanks to your programming.

By the way, like the second edition of your book. Hope to integrate that into some programming here on the east coast.
Mark Gleason 2009-12-23
Greg. Regular mov files like on your site won't play on an iPhone.
Yep there is a "special" format for them, which I haven't the slightest how to do. But there is another "open-source" fitness website that posts them in iPod/iPhone format. I only ask because I do most of web on the phone now. Too busy lifting to use a real computer. Ha...ha...ha...
Greg Everett 2009-12-23
Mark - They work fine on our iPhones.... Our videos are H.264 format .mov files... which as I said works fine on all the iPhones I know of, and google tells me is a supported format. Maybe you have an older software version I don't know about?
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