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Monday December 21 2009
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Tom rope slam
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Miguel Garza 2009-12-21
Hey Greg,
I'm getting our coaches started on this strength cycle. Would it be wise for them to start at week 1, even though you mentioned it as a de-loading cycle? Or should they start at week 2?
Neil Scholtz 2009-12-21

Back Sqt 130kg x 3 x 5
Sn Deadlift 90kg x 3 x 3
Push Press 65kg x 5 x 5

Pull ups
1st set 10kg weight vest
2nd set 7.5kg weight vest
3rd set 5kg weight vest, failed on rep 8

GHB sit ups
1st set 45reps
2nd set 26reps
3rd set 20reps
Chris 2009-12-21
Could somebody please explain the rep count for the pullups?
"x 10; 21x0"

Thank you in advance
Gene 2009-12-21
Chris- check the "info" link at top of workout page.

BS 205#
snatch dl 175#
push press 135#
pullups-5# x 10 strict, 10# x 8 strict + 2 Kip, 10# x 2 strict + 8 Kip
Situps 20/20/20
Cory 2009-12-21
Max lifts yesterday-
5"11 200lbs male

Sn 165(180pr)
C&J 205(225pr)
DL 405(have no current pr so this will do)

Scott Pauly 2009-12-21

Back squat -130kg x 3 x 5

Snatch deadlift - 100kg x 3 x 3

Push press - 75kg x 5 x 5

3 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 10; 21X0; add weight each set as needed to hit reps; 1 min rest
A2. GHB sit-ups x max consecutive; 2010; NO failed reps; 2 min rest
Sam McGowan 2009-12-21

Sn DL-185#x3x3
Push Press-140#x5x5

Short on time so did these back to back--
A1.10 reps x 25,30,30lb dumbell held btwn legs
A2.15,15,15 no weight
Ian Carver 2009-12-21
Back Squat
80% x3x5= 305 Lbs

Snatch D/L
Up to 110% x3x3= 225 Lbs

Push Press
73% x5x5= 145 Lbs

Conditioning to be done later.
Gordo 2009-12-21
Still a little sore from shoveling snow this weekend...
Back Squat 92x3x5
Sn DL 70x3x3 (I am technically challenged and weak, so used 110% of Snatch)
Push-press went to heavy single to re-establish 1RM (81kg pr by 6kg), then 60x5x4
Pull-ups 3x10 w/5,7,8 kg
GHD sit-ups 22,18,16
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-21

Back squat -205# x 3 x 5

Snatch deadlift - 170# x 3 x 3

Push press - 165# 5x5
Brian Reckdenwald 2009-12-21
Back squat - 80% x 3 x 5
275 lbs-275-275-275-275

Snatch deadlift - 100% (of snatch) x 3 x 3

Push press - 73% x 5 x 5

3 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 10; 21X0; add weight each set as needed to hit reps; 1 min rest
A2. GHB sit-ups x max consecutive; 2010; NO failed reps; 2 min rest
10, 25
10, 22
10, 24

All dead-hang pull-ups, which are not my specialty.
John B 2009-12-21
Back squat 170#x3x5
Snatch DL 135#(112%)x3x3
Push Press 110#x5x5

A1-No weight added band assist
A2-12,9,10 Horizontal only on the GHB
TeddyB_SC 2009-12-21
B Squat 116 3/5
Snatch DL 85 3/3
P Press 50 5/5
JCW 2009-12-21
Back squat- 260 lbs
Snatch DL- 205 lbs
Push press- 160 lbs
sit ups 35, 30, 25. no pull ups because i did a workout that had lots of pull ups in it
Stephan 2009-12-21
BS 315lb x 3 x 5
SN DL 275lb x 3 x 3 (roughly 125% of Sn - still able to maintain correct mechanics)
PP 185lb x 5 x 5

A1 - modified to do rope pull-ups 5x5 and kip pull-ups 3 x 10
A2 - modified to do 5 x 15

Going to try to keep with the program..work schedule and travel will be tricky for the next 6 weeks
Leslie P 2009-12-21
First time with snatch grip DLs. Really highlights my limited flexibility in my back. I need to keep working that
Jesse Woody 2009-12-22
Did this late, missed the pull-up/ghd stuff:

BS 245# x 3 x 5 (felt hard today, went with a lighter percentage)
Sn DL 220# x 3 x 3
PP 165# x 5 x 5
LK 2009-12-23

done 12/23/09

BSQ: 115#
SN DL: (70#max) 85#
PP: 65#

3 sets as rx-ed
PLU - red band
GHB SU - subbed 15#KB overhead SU - 20/21/20
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