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Tuesday December 22 2009
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Roman jump
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Nipson Mendoza 2009-12-21
Can someone help me with this?

It says "clean + jerk + power clean", do I perform a clean into a jerk, then a power clean? Or do a clean, then a jerk, then a power clean, all separate?
Neil Scholtz 2009-12-22

Mid-hang Muscle Sn - 35kg x 3 x 3
Clean + jerk + power clean - (60kg, 65kg, 72kg) x 1+1+1 x 2

Metcon with 20lbs ball: 4:03
Leslie P 2009-12-22
Can anybody explain flipping your hand over at the top? Maybe I do this correctly but haven't thought of it that way, but I'm not sure.
scott craig 2009-12-22
MhMSn - 40kg
Cln+SJ+PCln - 60kg,70kg,75kg

Steph 2009-12-22
@Leslie: http://ironmaven.blogspot.com/2009/12/shoulder-position-for-snatch-grip.html
Aimee 2009-12-22
Yes, always perform the exercises in the order they are Rx'd.
So when it says Clean + jerk + power clean - (55% (of CJ) x 1+1+1, that means clean, jerk, drop the bar and power clean 55% of your best. The 1 + 1 + 1 helps you understand how many reps for each. So 1 clean + 1 jerk + 1 power clean. That equals 1 set. The Info link next to the wod will explain all this further.

flippin you hand over at the top means to make sure you finish the muscle snatch by turning your hand over and pushing up at the top. See video: http://www.cathletics.com/exercises/index.php?show=exercise§ionID=2&exerciseID=165
Gene 2009-12-22

Muscle Snatch 65#
Clean+jerk+power clean 1+1+1 x 2
100#, 110#, 120#

Metcon 9:05, 20# mb

Greg- I know this is a light day, but these lifts all felt pretty light, and took only a few minutes to run through. Should I have gone heavier(like the snatch DL's the other day), or is that the way it should be?
Greg Everett 2009-12-22
Gene -It should have been pretty light and quick.
Charlie 2009-12-22

I am training for a 1/2 marathon in January during this strength cycle, what is your thought on doing a 5 mile run in the morning and one of the strength workouts in the afternoon? Am I totally screwing up the program or is it ok? Since today is a lighter day is today a good day to run in the morning and lift in the afternoon?

Thanks for sharing your workouts and answering questions.
Leslie P 2009-12-22
Got it, Thanks Steph and Aimee
Nipson Mendoza 2009-12-22
Thanks a lot for the reply!
Sam McGowan 2009-12-22

Msl Sn - 70# 3x3
Cl + J + Pwr Cln - (1+1+1 )x2 @ 120#, 130#, 140#
Scott Pauly 2009-12-22

Mid-hang muscle snatch - 40kg x 3 x 3

Clean + jerk + power clean - 60.5kg x 1+1+1 x2
66kg x 1+1+1 x2
71.5 x 1+1+1 x2

3 sets; no rest:
20 m bear crawl
30 double-unders
5 med-ball granny throws(subbed 70lbkb swings)
saulj 2009-12-22
Greg and Aimee, I really like the coaching tips you are adding to the workouts.

Charlie, I defer to Greg and Aimee on this one but his my experience from doing primarily weightlifting and running/hiking as my main "sports:" There is really no benefit to double days with lifting for a 1/2 marathon that is a month away. All the strength and bone adaptations that are caused by incrementally running longer distances are pretty much done. I would keep it to short, fast runs, i.e. 200, 400 and 800 with one longish run on trails (if you have access) on the weekend to sort out your food/nutrition and equipment. If your time is constrained then always lift before running. I used this technique to prepare for a trail 50K last year and it worked pretty well.

Two good resources: http://journals.lww.com/nsca-scj/Abstract/2006/06000/Maximum_Strength_and_Strength_Training___A.8.aspx

and http://www.eatmoveimprove.com/2009/08/why-speed-work-is-necessary-for-elite-endurance/

Hope you have a good run.
Greg Everett 2009-12-22
Charlie - I tend to agree with Saul on this. If you really feel the need to do some long runs, you'll need to cut back on the volume here some.
Rice Owls Catalysts 2009-12-22
Did it at home in NY:

C: MHMS: 80 C+J+PC: 125,135,150
E: MHMS: 65 C+J+PC: 95,105,115
Dad: MHMS: 65 C+J+PC: 75,75,75

Did the whole weight progression all the way through on the C+J+PC and then went back and did it all again, I think that was right.

The WOD was super fun we had no heavy balls so threw basketballs as high as possible and caught them.
JCW 2009-12-22
Muscle snatch 85 lbs
clean and jerk power clean 140 155 165
conditioning workout in 2:41
Brian Reckdenwald 2009-12-22
Mid-hang muscle snatch - 40% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
85 lbs-85-85

Clean + jerk + power clean - (55% (of CJ) x 1+1+1, 60% x 1+1+1, 65% x 1+1+1) x 2

3 sets; no rest:
20 m bear crawl
30 double-unders
5 med-ball granny throws w/ 20 lb ball

Time - 4:22
Ian Carver 2009-12-22
Muscle Snatch
40% x3x3= 85 lbs

Clean/jerk/power clean complex
140 lbs
150 lbs
160 lbs
Gordo 2009-12-22
Muscle Snatch 25kgx3x3
Clean Complex 50, 55, 60kg - went through the entire cycle two times

Did last Tuesday's shuttle run kb swing couplet so my 5 y/o son could join in the fun (he was scaled to 5m and 4kg DLs) (w/24kg KB): 4:18

Kyle Pichie 2009-12-22

Mid-hang muscle snatch - 70# x 3 x 3

Clean + jerk + power clean - 120# x 1+1+1 x2
130# x 1+1+1 x2
140# x 1+1+1 x2

3 sets; no rest:
20 m bear crawl
30 double-unders
5 med-ball granny throws(subbed 70lbkb swings Overhead)

Time: 4minutes Flat
TeddyB_SC 2009-12-22
MH Muscle Snatch = 34

Clean / jerk / p. clean
58 / 63 / 68
Stephan 2009-12-22
MSn: 43 x 3 x 3
Cln+Jerk+PCln: 64, 73, 80 (rounded due to lb bumpers)
Skipped Metcon. Lower back tightened up on me during the last set of Clean complex. Not painful but made me cautious.
Kimi Kanda 2009-12-22
MHMS: 20kg
CJPC: 30/35/30 kg
Skipped metcon today-warmed up too hard.
What is a bear crawl? Looked on info and didn't see it.
Posting from sunny Pretoria, South Africa where I train with Neil.
Thanks CatalystAthletics!
Kimi Kanda 2009-12-22
Oops- CJPC = 30/35/40 kg
Josh 2009-12-22

A quick question about a picture from maybe November:


Standing Twist:

It looks like a really cool "core" rotational movement, is that what it is used for or am I way off? I searched your website and couldn't really find anything on it? I was just curious cause it looked really fun.

Alexander Miezin 2009-12-22
Male, 5'9, 186 lbs.

Mid-hang Muscle Snatch - 95 lbs. 3x3
Clean + jerk + power clean - (95 lbs., 115 lbs., 135 lbs.) x 1+1+1 x 2

3 sets; no rest:
20 m bear crawl
30 double-unders
5 med-ball granny throws

Didn't time, but took a short amount of time.

Added in:

Speed Bench: 145 lbs. x 8 x 3
Straight Bar Triceps Pressdowns: 100 lbs. x 12, 150 lbs. x 12, 12

Real fun workout. I'm very new to Olympic lifting as I've been doing Bodybuilding style for awhile now, but recently made the switch over because I plan on getting into Pro Wrestling and I want to recover better and be more functional.
Dallas Hartwig 2009-12-23
Mid-hang muscle Sn 85# 3x3
C+J+PC 135#, 150#, 165# 1+1+1 x 2

Skipped metcon d/t time constraints. Movements felt appropriately easy. Bring on the FS tomorrow!

Greg Everett 2009-12-23
Josh - Yes, it's a great rotational trunk exercise. You can do it with just about any implement - if not a bar on the back, you can hold a plate by the edges, DB, KB, etc with the elbows at the sides and forearms horizontal. Or you can hold a bar in Zercher position if you want it to be miserable.
LK 2009-12-27
It's just too hard to fight the sub freezing temps, wacky holiday schedule and besides I'm due for a week off. (Active rest)

I'll pick things back up again next week: Wed to Sun.

china 2013-09-15
I can't some of metcon so can I do other exercise instead?
Steve Pan 2013-09-16
China -

You can adjust to movements that work for you. Don't get crazy!
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