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Wednesday December 23 2009
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Rex water ball
  • Front squat - 75% x 3 x 5
  • Snatch pull - 85% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
  • Jerk - max for day; 90% of that x 1; 80% x 2 x 2
3 sets; no rest:
10 tire flips + jump in/out
10 sandbag push press - 50% BW

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Kyle Pichie 2009-12-23
Hey Coach E. No tires here at the gym, should I sub with a heavy Deadlift (whats the weight of the tire?) and box jumps 24'' Box jump? Let me know if the substitution is enough weight and height wise.
Neil Scholtz 2009-12-23

Frnt Sqt 105kg x 3 x 5
Snatch Pull 72kg x 3 x 3
Jerk Max 105kg; 95kg x 1; 85kg x 2 x 2

10 Tire Flips + jump in/out (Tire size standing upright - chest height)
10 DB Push press 2x20kg
JCW 2009-12-23
front squat- 205 lbs
snatch pull- 175 lbs
jerk- 260 lbs, 235, 205

10 tire flips + jump in and out (heavy tire)
10 sandbag push press 50% bw
Greg Everett 2009-12-23
Kyle - Do a deadlift at about 50-60% - accelerate up and drop from the top. Then jump OVER something rather than onto something. If you have 2 boxes or small hurdles, jump over both consecutively (in a straight line).
Ian Carver 2009-12-23
Front Squat
80% x3x5=230 Lbs

Snatch Pull
90% x3x3=185 Lbs

Max. Effort= 255 Lbs
90% x1= 230 Lbs
80% x2x2= 205 Lbs

Made a couple bumps in percentages due to a couple of weaknesses in lifts this past weekend. Everything felt and went very nicely today.
TeddyB_SC 2009-12-23
F. Sqt 93-3x5
Sn. Pull 72-3x3
Jerk/Rack 95, missed 101 (can't drop the weight so I was probably a little cautious) 86x1, 76x2x2
Gordo 2009-12-23
Weights in pounds today
Front Squat 170x3x5
Snatch pull 120x3x3
Jerk up to 195, then 180x1 160x2x2

3 times through
double kettle bell clean (24kg each) + 2 20" box jumps
sandbag push-press 65lb (all my medium bag would hold)
I would rather have done tire flips, but the tires are buried in snow right now...
Rice Owls Catalysts 2009-12-23
C: FS: 210 SP: 170 J: 225,190,180

E: FS: 155 SP: 115 J: 185,170,150

Dad: FS=BS:95,105,115 SP: 115 J:Shoulders dyin

WOD: Due to a lack of big tires we did 10 lateral burpees and no sandbags so I did 100# bb push press, ethan did 40# db push press, dad did 30 burpee step-ups total. That wod was teh suck.
Alexander Miezin 2009-12-23
First time in nearly 2 years doing front squats. Also first time doing Snatch Pulls and Jerks.

Front squat - 155 lbs. x 5,5 185 lbs. x 5
Snatch pull - 193 lbs. x 3,3,3
Jerk - Warmed up with 45 lbs. x 5, 95 lbs. x 3, 130 lbs. x 1, then working sets were 150 lbs. x 1, 170 lbs. x miss, 170 lbs. x miss, 150 lbs. x 1, 130 lbs. x 2,2

After I did:

Deadlift: 2 sets of 10 of 170 lbs.
and Medicine ball slams
Kimi Kanda 2009-12-24
FS: 45kg
SP: 40kg
J: 50/45/40kg

metcon: 3 rounds
DL: 60/50/50kg + jump over and back bar/step ups
DBPP: 8kg
Scott Pauly 2009-12-24

Front Squat 90kg x3x5

Snatch Pull 76.5kg x3x3

Jerk Max for today 95kg: 90kgx1, 85kgx2x2
Jerk was far from pr, in fact its a little embarrassing today.

Plus metcon with 100lbs in sandbag

scott craig 2009-12-25
500m row + DROM
Burgener Warm Up w/ bar
2 light sets of front squats

Front Squata 105kg x3x5
Snatch Pull 80kg x3x3
Jerk 80kg; 72kg; 65kg x2x2

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