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Thursday December 24 2009
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LP 2009-12-23
I wish I was that hammer.
Heck, I'd even be the tire.
Sam McGowan 2009-12-24
Did yesterday's workout today

FS: 175# x3x5
Sn Pull: 135# x3x3
Jerk: up to 205#, then 185#x1, 165#x2x2

Missed 215# 3 times. Saw on video that I'm landing with the rear leg straight and so have no way to get lower and drive under the weight.

Gene 2009-12-24
Missed yesterday, but did part of it today...

Front Squat- 160# x 3 x 5
Deadlift- 5-3-2-1-1-1-1 135-205-255-275-285-305-315

then did a 3 round metcon with cleans, inverted burpees, and KB Swings...

Merry Christmas!
Raph D 2009-12-24
Question for anyone on the board:

When do you use a weightbelt in your training? My current answer to this question is that belts are used in core type workouts (squats, deadlifts, etc...) when one is injured and at 'heavier' weights. I'm not sure if this is sufficient as I am inexperienced with using it and wanted to throw it up in the air.

Personally, even at heavier weights on "core" workouts, I go without a belt and i've never hurt my back.

Is there a performance menu article about this by the way?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Raph D 2009-12-24

Pertaining to the previous post, how much is "heavy" weight when instructing an athlete to consider use of the belt?

Thanks... Again :o)

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