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Saturday December 26 2009
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Eric L. 2009-12-26
Snatch 73.4 New PR
C & J 93 New PR
Back Squat 136 New PR

Today was the first time I used a powerlifting belt for Back Sqaut and went from 120 to 136
Sam McGowan 2009-12-26

Missed Friday workout, so started by working up to heavy Snatch Balance -- 175#

Snatch -- 160# new PR by 5#
C&J -- 205# (PR is 215#)
Squat -- 255#, no rack or spotters so not a max, then 225#x8
Kyle Pichie 2009-12-26

Snatch 175# Same PR
C & J 225# New PR by 10#- Not a Full Squat Clean I believe
Back Squat 275# New PR by 20# - Tried for 300# and was close, next week if we max BS I think I can get it.
Nick P 2009-12-26
105# Snatch (PR)
150# C&J (PR)
165# Squat (not a PR)
JCW 2009-12-26
snatch- 200, missed 210 about 8 times, bar is plenty high enough just keep catching it a little to far forward
c+j- 260 pr. jerk wasn't pretty
back squat- went ass to ankles- 295. a lot less weight than my max squat just below parallel
Gene 2009-12-26
All weight in lbs:
Snatch 145# PR
Clean and Jerk 190# PR, but the jerk was not pretty. Pain in right wrist is making lockout difficult.
Back Squat 270# PR
TeddyB_SC 2009-12-26
Snatch 70
Clean&Jerk 95
Back Squat 146
Alexander Miezin 2009-12-26

If we are one day behind because of Christmas, should we take off tomorrow? Or do this workout tomorrow and just keep continuing and skip the day off?
Ian Carver 2009-12-26
185 Lbs

Clean & Jerk
225 Lbs

Back Squat
Didn't even try...

NOT a good day. Everything felt great at first, but once I got past 185# in the Snatch, the wheels fell off. Slow, sloppy, you name it. Same for C&J. Both lifts were 20 & 30# below PR numbers, but felt twice as heavy. I finished with some clean up work and called it. Back squats were not in the cards. Since having to go back to work & being on graves, I can feel it. Reminds me of the "sleepless squats" video from a while back...ugh...
Neil Scholtz 2009-12-27

Snatch 85kg (PR 87kg)
Clean & Jerk 100kg (PR 111kg)
Back Squat 160kg (PR 160kg)

Not a good day, although started out well. Snatches were perfect up till 85kg. Luckily had my video camera with and could see that I was letting the bar drift away from my body in the second pull.

Clean & Jerk; had very little power in the Jerk. Dipping slightly forward, but getting better.
Gordo 2009-12-27
38 yom/173cm/69kg
Weights in pounds today
Snatch 142 (PR)
Clean and Jerk 202 (PR) (although may have been red lighted for the press out on the jerk)

Kids ran out of patience in the gym so couldn't get to the back squat.

Looking forward to continued progress throughout the rest of the cycle.

Thanks, Greg.
Dallas Hartwig 2009-12-28
Sn 165# My thrird pull is still too slow, and depth is lacking.
C&J 245# Cleans went to 260#, but the jerk simply would not go.
BS 315# Plenty of depth.
OHS 175# (PR!) Added on a couple sets just to test out my overhead stability. I'll never snatch more unless I'm more comfortable with bigger weights overhead.

Brent 2010-01-16
Snatch - 201 PR by 15 lbs
Clean & jerk up to 230, small press out at 240.
Something finally clicked on snatches today, and my 3rd pull was far better than it has ever been. Able to catch some weight now that I'm getting under it. But I was wiped for C&J.
Back squat up to 345, just missed 365. (355 PR)
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