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Thursday December 31 2009
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Black sheep shirt

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LP 2009-12-30
I wonder who the white sheep are supposed to be...
Joe 2009-12-30
great shirt
Scott Pauly 2009-12-30
Greg I need your help on my front squat, getting stronger on it specifically. Is there anything else I should be doing, or should I just keep on with the wod with no extra work.
Greg Everett 2009-12-30
Scott - Stick with this strength cycle. If your squat in general is lagging, leave it alone. If your back squat is disproportionately high compared to your front squat, switch BS and FS as written in this cycle, i.e. do FS on BS days with the %s prescribed for those BSs.
Jamie Skibicki 2009-12-31
Is there a "Not now, Sweetheart" shirt in the works?

SHouldn't the white sheep not have wool so you can see their abz?
richard 2009-12-31
Already have an Invictus "black sheep" shirt, now i am getting this one.
Mark Gleason 2009-12-31
By far, the greatest soundtrack for your collected training vids to date!
Great t-shirts too, I'll order mine soon fer sure...I just hope that doesn't get me excommunicated...
Wendy 2009-12-31

Matt Foreman 2009-12-31
The black sheep should be fatter.
Rex 2009-12-31
The shirt design is SWEET! Happy New Year to my Catalyst Athletics peeps!
bob 2009-12-31
can't wait until Glasshole sees this shirt.
sakura 2010-01-03
Two thumbs up. I too was always the black sheep. BAAAA!!!
Mike Richardson 2010-01-04
Awesome shirt. Do you have it in stock?
Jerry Ghost 2010-01-05
NoCal hippy bullshit

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