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Saturday January 2 2010
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Andrew Makely 2010-01-02
Jioned my first competition! It is on the 16th of January. Gregg- What do you recomend I do for training in the two weeks leading up to it? Thsnks for all the help and information you give us!
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-02
I too wouldn't mind competing in the near future. I'm 75kg, approx where should my lifts be before trying to compete? I have a 79.5kg Snatch and 102kg CnJ. Any ideas how much I would need to improve?
JCW 2010-01-02
Snatch 200
c and j 265 pr
fs 275 ass 2 ankles
Andrew Makely 2010-01-02
I asked the same questions and everybody just encouraged me to just go and compete, not to worry about what my totals will be. They say the expierence is great and that the people you meet will help you so much. I quess alot of lifters compete long before they snatch thier body wieght so you are already ahead of that. Hope that helps, I just decided to get the ball rolling and commit to it. I may be the weakest dude there but... I will be stronger for going.
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-02

Thats just what I needed to hear :) I'll see if there are any competitions in my area (ottawa or oshawa) but not sure. I'm sure my mind would explode with some of the info other, more experience, lifters would tell me.

New Pr's this weekend, Thanks again Coach E

Snatch - 185# (+10#'s)

Clean n Jerk - 225# - More of a Power clean, get stuck with the squat to low.

Front Squat - 235# (+10#'s) Tried and almost got 250#
Stephan 2010-01-02
Snatch 85kg
CJ 111kg
FS 143kg Dropped to 125 x 3 x 3 (with 2 second pause at the bot)

Timing was off on the snatch today. CJ barrier due to wrist injury and mental block when I get near 145kg.
Scott Pauly 2010-01-02

Snatch - max for day; 90kg (missed 95kg)

Clean & jerk - max for day; 110kg(missed 120kg)

Front squat - max for day; 130kg(PR)

Managed to Pr only on front squats, my misses (95kg SN, and 120kg C&J) were due to form flaws. Still having trouble jerking the weight after cleaning it. I'm not sure if this a timing issue or a strength issue.
Eric L. 2010-01-02
Snatch 74.8
C&J 97.5
FS 100

All PRs
Greg Everett 2010-01-02
Andrew - A basic taper for the meet would be this:Saturday (week out from meet) - lift opener snatch/CJ x 1; back squat - 80-90% x 1 depending on how you feelMonday - 90%  of openers x 1 x 1Tues85% of openers x 1 x 1-2 setswed - 80% of opener x 1 x 2-3 setsthur-70% of opener x 1 x 3-5 setsfri - rest or really light lifts, singles onlysat - meet
Greg Everett 2010-01-02
Kyle - If you can snatch and CJ, do a meet. No need for any specific numbers. Just go and have fun.
Andrew Makely 2010-01-02
Snatch 80kg
c&j 104kg
Front squat 260#s PR by 5#s
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-02
Alright Coach E. I will be looking online for something close by, thanks for the support.
Nick P 2010-01-02
Great Day.

sn - 105# (=PR) However, I went for 115# and got it in the hole but it fell behind me...too much power? I guess a good thing. Will hit it next week again
C&J. 155# (PR)
FS - 160# (PR)

It seems I'm hitting PR's everyweek. Hmm...maybe Greg isn't a black sheep. Maybe....he know's what he's doing.
Nick P 2010-01-02

I'm in Toronto...

Check out variet villiage inScarborough. The coach there is top notch and they compete all the time. I just joined a new gym focused on power, and strength (one of the reasons I keep hitting PR's everyweek) and the VV coach is going to be holding semiars at our gym

Check it out.
Dutch 2010-01-02
You wouldn't by chance be lifting in the TX state championships? I will be there with 5 or 6 lifters so if you need some support just let me know. It is crazy important to have a coach especially at your first meet.

Sam McGowan 2010-01-02

No PR's today -- tired.

Sn - 145# (PR is 160#)
C&J - 195# (PR is 215#)
FS - 225# (no idea what max is)
Gene 2010-01-02
in lbs:
Snatch 95-95-125f-125-135-140-145f-145f-145f
CJ 135-135-155c,f jerk-155-165-175-185c, f jerk
FS 205-225-230PR-235f

Front squat is up from 215 from Dec 1, I was expecting to hit 225# with all the squatting we've been doing. Thanks Greg!

Snatch is technique limited, and I'm cleaning well, but failing to get under and lockout on jerks...
Ian Carver 2010-01-02
5x135, 3x160, 2x180 lbs (88%)

Clean & Jerk
3x160, 2x210 lbs (84%)

Front Squat
265 lbs (93%)

today's workout was a "get back in the groove" day. I've been fighting a cold and trying to get used to being back on graveyard shift. I kept percentages high but manageable to focus on technique and timing.
Mark Gleason 2010-01-03

Check out the OWA's site for meet dates, Winterlift in Sarnia is coming up Feb 13 and registration is open now. Hope to see you there!!!
TeddyB_SC 2010-01-03
Snatch 75 (had to power snatch, was losing them once I got to parallel) missed 77
Clean & Jerk 90 (lost concentration and couldn't get psyched up) missed the clean on 95 twice
Front Squat 125 pr by 3kg
Brent 2010-01-16
Snatch - 210
Clean & jerk - 240, got 250 up but with slight press out
Front squat up to 280 (295 PR)
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