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Friday January 1 2010
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Tom sandbag half moon
  • Snatch balance - max for day; 70% of that x 3 x 4
  • Power snatch + snatch - 75% (of power snatch) x 1+1 x 5 sets; 2 min rest
4 sets:
3 box jumps - max height for reps/sets
12 kipping pull-ups
100 m run
1 min rest

Notes: On power snatch + snatch, focus on an aggressive turnover and securing the bar overhead as high and as quickly as possible; the turnover and height at which the bar is fixed overhead should be the same for the power snatch and following snatch, with adjustments for fatigue. That is, turn the bar over as high as possible and sit into the squat immediately. On box jumps, focus on extending the knees and hips maximally before lifting the feet rather than simply reaching for the box with hip flexion; attempt to drop down onto the box softly.

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JCW 2010-01-01
snatch balance- 240 lbs pr, 175
power snatch + snatch- 135 lbs
Riddler 2010-01-01
Missed the last eight days due to vacation and so access to weights. Should I pick up now or go back to where I left off? Happy New Year.
Scott Pauly 2010-01-01

Snatch balance - max for day 100kg;
70kg x 3 x 4

Power snatch + snatch -67.5kg x 1+1 x 5 sets; 2 min rest
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-01

Snatch balance - max for day 200#
130# x 3 x 4

Power snatch + snatch -130# x 1+1 x 5 sets; 2 min rest

Met-Con: 4 rounds 2 min break, subed 100m rows for the run

1: 1min , 2: 57sec, 3: 56sec, 4: 57sec
Gene 2010-01-01
SB 95-95-115-135-145PR-155f-150f
PS+S  used 95# max power snatch unknown

4 sets:
3 box jumps - max height for reps/sets
12 kipping pull-ups
100 m run
1 min rest

Used box 34 1/2" high
All about 58 second rounds, 6:55 total

Additional work: DL 230# x5x5 
Ian Carver 2010-01-01
Taking another day off. I've been fighting something off and have some tenosynovitis in the left wrist that's nagging me. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.
Sam McGowan 2010-01-01

all weights in lbs:
SB: 95x3, 115x3, 135x3, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195(F)
PS+S: 125# x1+1x5

Conditioning Circuit:
didn't note the rest period and went straight through (5:25)
Box Jump - 36"
pullups - 12 strict (not very good at kipping)

Gordo 2010-01-02
A day behind from ski trip...
Snatch Balance up to 160lb
Snatch Balance 110lbx3x4
Power Snatch + Snatch 110 x 5

3 times through
box jump x 3 35"
12 kipping pull-ups
100m shuttle run (4x25m)
:55, :51, :54, :58 with 1 min rest between

Greg Everett 2010-01-02
Riddler - Pick up where you left off.
Kimi Kanda 2010-01-03
warmup: 20 min elliptical

snatch balance: 20kg x3x4
PS+S: 25kg (1+1) x5

no metcon.

back to Ballistix Fitness tomorrow. hope Neil has lots of olympic lifts for us to do in the coming weeks. thanks Catalyst Athletics for a reviving two weeks.
LK 2010-01-10
Seems I needed another week off for birthday, cold temps and getting nutrition back on track. I'll be continuing this programming with more of a staggared pace.


On 01/10/10

SN balance 60#max, 40#x3x4
Pwr SN + SN 55#x1, dropped to 45#x1x4

metcon done 20.5" box

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