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Sunday January 3 2010
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Steve snatch

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Andrew Makely 2010-01-03
Thanks for the help Greg!
Joseph Santiago 2010-01-03
Second that.. Thanks! Greg
scott pauly 2010-01-03
Is the big yellow ball just a swiss ball filled with water.
Jared Hall 2010-01-03
I just finished my 8th week of the weight gain program outlined in your PM article (and your book). Just wondering if I should continue on to the 9th week outlined as backoff week and 1rm testing or if I should do one more week of the same in which I will likely max out a couple exercises and then continue to the backoff week and 1rm testing. Thanks
Greg Everett 2010-01-04
Scott - Yes. It's a Theraband brand ball, which are pretty thick. So far no tears or explosions, although we try not to drop it.
Greg Everett 2010-01-04
BTW - we got the idea from ross enamait to fill it with water.
Greg Everett 2010-01-04
Jared - You'll have to make that call based on how you feel. 2 weeks in a row of max testing usually doesn't work well, but it depends on what exercises we're talking about and how they're spaced/sequenced.

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