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Friday January 8 2010
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Aimee snatch
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Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-07
Overhead squat - max for day; 80% x 2
225 lbs -> 180 x 2
Jumped to 240 going for a PR and missed it.

Snatch - 70% x 2 x 5
140 x 2 x 5

5 sets; no rest:
5 DB power snatch
5 DB power jerk
5 DB split clean (per leg)

with 2 - 36 lb kettlebells. Time - 8:17
Gordo 2010-01-07
OHS Max for day 195lb then 155x2
Snatch 100lb x2x5

Metcon with 30lb DB's

Kimi Kanda 2010-01-08
warmup: 20 min elliptical;1000m row
OHS: max 55kg; 45kg x2
Snatch: 20kg x2x5

metcon: 3 rounds 10kg bar
5ps, 5pj, 10sc
Mike Maruffi 2010-01-08
OHS: 102kg; 82kg x 2

Snatch: 68kg x 2 x 5

20kg DB's for metcon. Totally crushed it...didn't time it, but had to be about 3 minutes ;)

TeddyB_SC 2010-01-08
OHS 85kg(PR) then 68 x 2

Snatch 60kg 2/5
Scott Pauly 2010-01-08

Overhead squat - max for day=110kg(pr)
Then 92.5kg(bodyweight) for 14 reps(pr)

Snatch - left out snatches today

did metcon with 40lb Db's

Had to try for the BW OHS for 15reps, got 14 reps but couldn't hold it together for the last rep. Left out the snatches today to allow for some extra recovery for tomorrow, plus the OHS session blasted the legs.
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-08

Overhead squat -235 lbs -> 190 x 2

Snatch - 130 x 2 x 5

5 sets; no rest:
5 DB power snatch (per Arm)
5 DB power jerk (per Arm)
5 DB split clean (per leg)

One 35lbs DB - 11:25min - Was I suppose to do both arms hah? Either way was great! Can;t wait to max out!
JCW 2010-01-08
OHS- 250 lbs, 200
snatch- 145 lbs
conditioning workout- 8:30 with 45 lbs db's
John B 2010-01-08

No Dumbbells, so I did:
5 sets no rest of
5 Box Jumps
5 Push-ups

Neil Scholtz 2010-01-09

OHS max 100kg x 2 (couldn't get any more weight overhead); 80kg x 2
Snatch 60kg x 2 x 5

Did a rope resisted sprint WOD.+-6min
Sam McGowan 2010-01-09

OHS - 205# max; limited by how how I can get overhead w/ Sn Push Press; 185x2
Snatch - 115# x 2 x5

Conditioning - 8:22 with 2x40# DB's - felt very uncoordinated with these moves, never tried them before
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