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Saturday January 9 2010
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Aimee and Jolie
  • Snatch - max for day
  • Clean & jerk - max for day
  • Back squat - max for day
Notes: 10 minutes rest between exercises, but stay warm. No more than 3 min rest between sets of snatches and CJs; rest as needed for squats.

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Alexander Miezin 2010-01-09

Got the book in the mail two days ago..

Now, if I were to be getting into Pro Wrestling, and have been lifting for 3 years bodybuilding style, would you recommend starting with the Beginner,Intermediate, or Strength and Power Development programs in the book?

Thanks a ton man you have really changed my outlook on training and renewed my spirit.
JCW 2010-01-09
snatch- 210 lbs pr
c+j- 260 lbs 270- got the clean which is a pr but missed the jerk
back squat- ass 2 ankles- 298
taking my squats as deep as I can has helped my clean, even though its a lot less weight that i can squat just below parallel. felt strong driving out of the bottom of the clean today.
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-09
Snatch - max for day
185 lbs

Clean & jerk - max for day

Back squat - max for day
Scott Pauly 2010-01-09

I'm wrecked today should I lower weights or 86 the w.o.d altogether?

Gene 2010-01-09
Went to Mike's Gym today (1 1/2 hour drive) and worked out. He made us flip a tire, jump in and out, and do 8 count burpee, all the way up his driveway. Then 3 rounds of: 10 presses, 15 squats, 25 ball slams, 15 lat pulls, and 30 situps.

While recovering, I watched lifters snatch and clean and jerk amazing amounts of weight! Coach B talked a lot about speed through the middle.

When there was room I laced up and moved some weight.

Snatch (max for day) 149# PR
Coach B's coaching point was patience up to the "pockets" and staying over the bar. He said to stop there, otherwise I would have tried for more.

Clean & jerk (max for day) 198# PR
Coach B didn't get to see me CJ, but I'll take the PR!

No time for back squats.
Sam McGowan 2010-01-09

Sn - 160# (ties PR), got it on third attempt
C&J - 195# (PR is 215), missed 205 x f,f,f pretty tired
Squat - 265# (new PR, +10lbs), then 225#x10

Kyle Pichie 2010-01-09
Snatch - max for day

Clean & jerk - max for day

Back squat - max for day
Mike Maruffi 2010-01-09
Snatch - 93kg
Clean & jerk - 111kg

Both previous PR's, but form was much better and these felt much easier...ran out of time for squats.

Gordo 2010-01-10
Finally back in my garage after new heater arrived.
Snatch 65kg (PR) Missed 67 twice which probably lead to
C&J 85kg (6kg short of current PR)
Front Squat (couldn't remember if it was front or back today) 100kg
Cory 2010-01-10
Snatch - max for day
165(180 max)

Clean & jerk - max for day
215(225 max)

Back squat - max for day
315(365 max)

Brent 2010-01-16
Snatch - 217 PR by 7
Clean & jerk - 245 tie PR
still need serious work
Snatch has come a long way but now I need to put more wt on the C&J

Back squat up to 350 (355 PR)

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