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Monday January 11 2010
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Neil Scholtz 2010-01-11

Bck Sqt 145kg x 2 x 2
Sn Pull 80kg x 2 x 2
Pwr Jrk 90kg x 2 x 3

Pull Ups
1st set - 4 reps 10kg weight vest + 17.5kg dumbbell
2nd set - 4 reps 10kg weight vest + 20kg dumbbell
3rd set - 2 reps 10kg weight vest + 22.5kg dumbbell (42% of BW)

GHR sit ups
Kimi Kanda 2010-01-11
I log my warmup b/c I'm older and have knee issues so must be totally warm to squat right. Also want to see how a harder or easier warmup affects the day's workout.

warmup 20 min elliptical 20 pullups 20 dips with 45 kg asst, 30 back exts, 50 box squats, 10 DB stepups

BS: 50kg x2x2
SP: 20kg x2x2
PJ: 40kg x2x3

3 rounds:
6 pullups w/rubber band assist
12 hlr (knees to elbows)
Mike Maruffi 2010-01-11
Back Squat - 170kg x 1, 165kg x 2
Snatch Pull - 86kg x 2 x 2
Power Jerk - 86kg x 2 x 3

Pull-ups, GHB sit-ups
1: pull-ups - 25lbs x 3, GHB sit-ups - 30
2: pull-ups - 15lbs x 4, GHB sit-ups - 25
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-11

Bck Sqt 116kg x 2 x 2
Sn Pull 75kg x 2 x 2
Pwr Jrk 93kg x 2 x 3

Pull Ups
1st set - 24kg KB
2nd set - 26kg KB

GHR sit ups
Cory 2010-01-11
Male 200lbs 5"11

315 bs 2x2
225 sn pulls 2x2
185 power jerk 2x3

2 sets pull-ups 4 reps 45 lbs
GHB sit-ups 15x2
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-01-11
C: BS: 305 SP: 180 PJ: 190
BG: BS: 205 SP: 160 PJ: 135
Scott Pauly 2010-01-11

Back squat - 130kg x 2 x 2(Olympic Style)

Snatch pull - 80kg x 2 x 2

Power jerk - 90kg x 2 x 3

2 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 3-4; 21X0; 24kg x4 reps;30kg x4reps
A2. GHB sit-ups x 22reps
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-11
Back squat - 90% x 2 x 2
312 lbs x 2 x 2

Snatch pull - 90% (of snatch) x 2 x 2
175 x 2 x 2

Power jerk - 80% x 2 x 3
165 x 2 x 3

2 sets:
A1. Pull-ups x 3-4; 21X0; add weight each set as needed to hit reps; 1 min rest
A2. GHB sit-ups x max consecutive; 2010; NO failed reps; 2 min rest

30 lbs, 26
40 lbs, 25
JCW 2010-01-11
back squat- 265
snatch pull- 195
power jerk- 215
Leslie P 2010-01-11
These BS felt better than any other squats in a few weeks. Gives me hope. Intercostals still bothering me, especially bringing down the jerks. I wanted to lower the bar each rep, but had to drop, then clean it, each rep.

Sub rowing for the metcon. 2k for range of motion. Intercostals felt better here. More hope.

BS 135
Sn Pull 95
Jerk 95
Gordo 2010-01-12
Back Squat 104kgx2x2
Snatch pull 60kgx3x3
power jerk 75kgx2x3

pull-ups x 3 @ 20,24,28kg
GHB Sit-ups 35,30,30
Gene 2010-01-12
Back squat - 90% 270=245# x 2 x 2
Snatch pull - 90% (of snatch) 149=135# x 2 x 2
Power jerk - 80% 198=160# x 2 x 3

Deadlift 240# x5x5

3 rounds:
500m row (sprint), rest as needed
1:37, 1:45, 1:43
Ben Herwitz 2010-01-12

I'm a former CrossFitter in the process of"converting to weightlifting"...been feeling it a bit in my knees. I've seen that most of the Catalyst athletes wear the same knee braces/wraps. What brand do you guys recommend?
Greg Everett 2010-01-12
Ben - Rehband, but don't overuse them. Your knees will probably be a bit achy for a few weeks as you get conditioning to the training, but then should be fine. Just make sure you're doing all the stretching and foam rolling you can, and ice as much as possible, particularly post workout.
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