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Friday January 15 2010
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Aimee snatch
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Thijs 2010-01-15
Nice video, it gives a good overview.

I do have a questing about recovering from a lift.
As I noticed with Aimee her snatch, she is upping the weight set per set. What she didn't do (imho) is do an active recovery between them (when the onther woman is snatching).
Isn't that going to give her negative effects?
I am thinking about the ADP to ATP recovery. I always thought an active recovery helps you quicker (because of the muscle pump/ Frank-Starling mechanism).

Thanks for clearing that out.

(I will teach to oly lifts technique in a week and can't wait to get started!)

doogie 2010-01-15
Love this site with all of the video resources! Question on Rest, the gym I train at, windycitycrossfit.com, is currently doing three days of oly training. The past couple of weeks and for a period of four weeks we are in a heavy cycle. We are working our way to a competition at the end of the month.

For example:
Snatch - max for the day, then 85% of it 1 x 8
C&J - max for the day, then 85% of it 1 x 6
OHS 90% of max 2x2

Last week I went five days dropping in between oly days. But, I felt destroyed once I would get to oly class, and felt it might hurt my focus on oly lifts. This week I have decided to take off the in between days, feeling much better, but anxious I might be going in to little? What are all of your thoughts?
Greg Everett 2010-01-15
Thijs - We pretty much never do any kind of active recovery between sets other than loading the bar. I've never seen any noticeable difference, although I don't doubt there is one. I would suggest experimenting yourself. I think you'll find that 1) it doesn't help much and 2) you're tired and you want to sit down. But everyone is different.
Greg Everett 2010-01-15
Doogie -If I understand correctly, you should be able to train on the days between the Oly days - But I would definitely recommend going easy and watching how much leg work you're doing. Modify workouts to be less leg-intensive, briefer (4-8 min or so) and generally less gnarly. Spend more time doing mobility work, skill work and the like.
Garrett Smith 2010-01-15
Blond girl on the video...hard for me not to notice the wrist wraps and the very significant wrist extension from the catch onward.

Comments on that? Just weak wrists?
Greg Everett 2010-01-15
Garrett -That's Kara. I think it's largely just compensation for her limited shoulder and elbow mobility (i.e. it helps place the bar back where it needs to be). I would tend to call it a bit excessive, but it's not entirely uncommon. Check out the 5th photo here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/38313689@N00/sets/72157622946841180/show/ and look at his wrists. Again, normally I would say it's excessive, but that's one of the best lifters in the universe, and it apparently works just fine for him...
Thijs 2010-01-15

Thanks for the intel. I didn't do any one RM attempt at all, so I did not ever experienced that. I train mostly on my strength endurance since I'm a climber, but can't wait to get to know the oly techniques.

Do you advice one on one coaching for learning the techniques or can I figure it out for myself? (watch videos, reading)
Jared Hall 2010-01-15
I need to get a new bar for training at home. Is it worth it to buy the pendlay bushing bar over the BFS bar that is half the price. At this stage I am mostly doing strength training and oly technique work as I am far from proficient and have some ankle mobility issues. Thanks
Greg Everett 2010-01-15
Jared - I think the Pendlay bar is worth it. For that extra $100 or so it will spin better, feel better, and last longer. We have a dozen BFS bars in our facility, but they're strictly beater bars - my favorite for a dirt cheap bar, but they simply don't perform like an Oly bar and will not stay straight with much use.
Greg Everett 2010-01-15
Thijs - Get some coaching if you can - nothing can replace that. Next to that, books and DVDs will help a lot. You can check out mine here.
Thijs 2010-01-16

I purchased the Pendlay bar a month ago. I really don't use my old cheaper bar any more. That bar just feels way more better when lifting!


I was allready intending to purchase your book. (heared so much about it and only positive things!)

thanks for the answer
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