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Saturday January 16 2010
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Jolie overhead squat
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Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-15
Snatch - Max
185 lbs
Missed 195 & 190

Clean & jerk - Max
Missed 250 jerk 2x

Push Press or Press - Max

Back squat - Max
Scott Pauly 2010-01-16

Snatch 93.5kg(pr)

Clean and Jerk 115kg(pr)

Pushpress 100kg, 105kg(missed)

Squat 150kg

Ran out of gas at the end of this.

Since I've been working with you(started end of November)

Snatch 84kg(before).....93.5kg(now)
Clean and Jerk 105kg(before) 115kg(now)

both of these lifts have increased approx 10%, is this progress in line with other athletes?
TeddyB_SC 2010-01-16
Going to have to do my max attempts on sunday, but I'll post on saturday.
Gene 2010-01-16
In lbs:
Snatch: 95-115-135-145-150PR-155f x3
C&J: 155-185-195-200PR
Press: 135-140PR-145f x3
Back Squat: 135-185-225-275f-265f
Back squat pr is 270, just couldn't get there. On the 155# snatch attempts I just wasn't pulling myself under the bar. Mental block I guess...

Greg- thanks for this programming! My snatch went up 55#, clean and jerk about 25#, back squat up #35, front squat about #15, all in 6 weeks. Very cool!
jason gusic 2010-01-17
snatch is still 155 (split) still gun shy from shoulder injury

clean and jerk- up to 240# thats a 15# pr!!!

shoulder press 175#

back squat- 285# i loath back squats, horrible pain in my knees with every rep i do, so i limit myself on them...

26yo/M/200# body weight.

this was a great cycle for me, was only able to train about 50% because of my sholders, but progress was made. thanks greg, and everyone else on here!
Greg Everett 2010-01-17
Scott - Pretty typical, but really there is too much individual variation and too much variation among different training cycles for me to make any kind of intelligent comment on that.
Neil Scholtz 2010-01-17

Sn 83kg (previous PR 87kg)
Cln & Jrk 100kg (previous PR 111kg)
Had issues with my bar, so wasn't in a good mental place to continue. I'm sure I could have gone to about 105 or 108kg cln & jrk.

Thanks for the programming. I'm used to doing primarily the Sn and Cln & Jrk as part of training and not the assisted strength exercises. So will see how the next cycle goes.
Gordo 2010-01-18
Snatch 66kg PR by 1kg
C&J 93kg PR by 1 kg

Had attempted 1 kg more on each and missed. Ran out of time for the squat and press - will get those then carry on with the recovery this week. Weakest point for me right now is the squat. My clean is only 7kg away from my FS 1RM.

Thanks, Greg.

TeddyB_SC 2010-01-18
Snatch- missed 80kg 3 times out front, bar was moving like a feather, but technique was off. 85 was my goal and I feel like I have the strength to do it, so I'll look for more than 85 at the end of the next cycle.

Clean&Jerk- current max was 105, 1st attmept at 110 I didn't rack it, 2nd attempt was successful, so 5kg PR.

Push Press- 77(PR) by 7kg.

Back squat- did 140 then did a good job riding 150 down to the pins, which is where it stayed. 146 is current PR.

Thanks for programming Greg.
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