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Sunday January 17 2010
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Steve clean
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Andrew Makely 2010-01-17
So did my first comp yesterday. So much fun. Not happy with how I lifted, but met some great people and got to watch so strong guys lift. Its different when you lifting in front of a bunch of people as opposed to in my gym. Somehow I forgot to dive under my 2nd two snatches. I got 65 then missed 75 twice. I pulled 83 a few weeks ago. So frustrating! Then I started my c & j way to light to make sure I got them. I did 85 then 90 then 100 and they were all way easy. I have done 106 before. Was kicking myself when I was done. BUt now I will be better prepared for the next meet. Anyways it was worth it for sure.
Sam McGowan 2010-01-17
running a day behind.

Snatch -- new PR 165lbs up from 160#
C&J -- pretty wiped out, missed 205lbs three times (cln) PR is 215lbs
Push Press -- 185lbs, barely missed 195lbs three times
Squat -- new PR 265lbs up from 255lbs, the 225x12
Robert Prieto 2010-01-18
im jumping back in to the CA Wods after a long break and and whats the deal with A1 and A2 and 20x1 new format? dont under stand. please help.
Robert Prieto 2010-01-18
Nevermind just did a little reading got it down.
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