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Tuesday January 26 2010
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Steve snatch balance
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Sam McGowan 2010-01-25

No time for conditioning today.
Shirley Q. Liquor 2010-01-25
That Sterve Pan is scurry strong. Just thought I'd let ya'll know befurr I run off ta the sto' to grab mah turrletries.
DW 2010-01-25
Iway inkthay Olympicway iftslay uleray
Shirley Q. Liquor 2010-01-25
Gordo 2010-01-26
Snatch 53kg
C&J 74kg
Back Squat 94kg

3 rounds, no rest
15 kb swings 24kg
15 pull-ups
Robert Prieto 2010-01-26
hey greg why wide stance feet straight forward? Just would like to know because i have been training hard style when it comes to kb's.
Neil Scholtz 2010-01-26

Sn 68kg
Cln & jrk 88kg
Bck Sqt 130kg

45 Double Unders
45 Sit Ups
200m Run
30 Double Unders
30 Push Ups
200m Run
15 Double Unders
15 Pull Ups
200m Run
EFS 2010-01-26
165 # power snatch 1x5 - learning the oly's - form not good so doing power snatches

Power clean/front squat and jerk - 1x5 205# - working on getting under the bar - does not come easy to an old power lifter/rugby player with stiff joints!

Back squat - 5x5 385# - switched to high bar style

conditioning - 3 sets of pull ups - dips - 300 meter row. Couldn't remember the actual conditioning workout for the day - one too many shots to the head in rugby I guess!

Cool workouts - thanks for the effort - I love the videos showing the exercises!


Mike Maruffi 2010-01-26
Snatch - 75kg x 1 x 5
Clean & jerk - 90kg x 1 x 5
Back squat - 152kg x 5 x 4

Conditioning - 5:24
Derrick 2010-01-26
New, so wondering...(lbs) x 1 x 5 is 5 sets of 1? Just making sure.
Jordan Atwell 2010-01-26
Snatch- 84kg
Clean & Jerk- 115kg
Back Squat- 166kg

WOD- 6:18 w/2pood
Greg Everett 2010-01-26
Robert - Just to get that outer hamstring a bit more - some variety.
Greg Everett 2010-01-26
Derrick - Yes, 5 sets of 1 rep.
ethan 2010-01-26
couldn't get the lift to give me anything to get under on 125. i probably was curling the bar more than rowing it. need to work on my snatch.



WOD-8:20 with 55 lb dumbbell.

second day back after a pretty long break.
aimee 2010-01-26
Derrick- check the info link next to the WOD for all information relating notations, etc.
scott pauly 2010-01-26

Snatch 75kg x1x5

clean and jerk 95 x1x5

back squat 130kg x5x5

15 kb swings 2 pood
15 kipping pull-ups
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-01-26
Snatch: 110 C&J: 140 BS: 180
55lb DB swing, 15 butterfly pullups C:5:15 BG:8:06
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-26
Snatch - 80% x 1 x 5
160 x 1 x 5

Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 5
200 x 1 x 5

Back squat - 80% x 5 x 5
280 x 5 x 5

3 sets; no rest:
15 KB swings (wide stance, feet straight forward) - 1.5 pood
15 kipping pull-ups

Time - 5:36
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-01-27
Snatch: 52.5 kg
C&J: 70 kg
FS 1RM: 110 kg
BP: 100.5 kg, pb
DL 1RM: 180 kg
3 sets; no rest:
15 KB swings (russian), 32 kg
15 kipping pull-ups
Time: 3:25 min

Doing some max tests in my firefighter-training so I skipped BS for frontsquats and deadlifts with benchpress in between. Really close to 120 in FS and 190 in DL.
Matt M 2011-07-12
Snatch 170 lbs
Clean and Jerk 200 lbs
Back Squat 240
KB 2pd Pull Ups butterfly 3:31
1 hr rest
:45 hill sprint
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