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Saturday January 30 2010
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Donny snatch
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Brian Reckdenwald 2010-01-29
Snatch - 80% x 1 x 5
160 lbs x 1 x 5

Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 5
199 x 1 x 5

Pause back squat - 3RM

3 sets:
A1. 5 Squat jumps; 20 sec rest
A2. 8 Stiff-legged deadlift - 155 lbs; 2010; 90 sec rest

Time - 5:42
Alan 2010-01-29
Work up to 3rm or predict it and do one set of it?
Neil Scholtz 2010-01-30

Snatch 68kg
Clean & Jerk 88kg
Pause Back Squat 100kg, 120kg, 130kg (might have been able to get 135kg or 140kg)

Was able to power clean 110kg (up from 100kg). Only problem is I can only jerk 111kg overhead. Overhead work needs a lot of work.

No time for metcon.
Greg Everet 2010-01-30
Alan -

Work up to a 3RM
Gary 2010-01-30

Yesterday I filmed myself doing back squats and noticed that on the way down the bar tends to shift forward so that when I'm at the bottom it's basically directly over my toes. I'm not shifting my weight to my toes, but the bar is moving forward. Am I correct that the bar should travel in a straight path, thus putting it over the mid-foot/arch at the bottom?
Gene 2010-01-30
Took a couple weeks off, just occasionaly doing some snatches and or clean and jerks. Coach B was all over my ass about speed pulling myself under the bar. Should I jump in on Monday, or start at the beginning of this cycle (last Monday)?
Greg Everett 2010-01-30
Gene - Start at the beginning of the cycle.
Greg Everett 2010-01-30
Gary - It should stay a little farther back ideally.
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-01-30
C: Sn:145#, C&J: 180#, PBS: 225# (never done it before), WOD: 135#DL

Just coming back from lumbar injury, hard to stick the snatches but i finally caught it low on the last one.

BG: Sn: 110#, C&J: 135#, PBS: 155# WOD: 135#DL
Ben Moskowitz 2010-01-30
Woah you had some BIG lifters roll through!
Chris 2010-01-30

I've been offered the following:
- Eleiko 20kg bar (he's checking to see whether it's competition or training)
- Competition discs (25, 20, 15, 10kg)
- 3 pair of metal change plates (he's checking to see which weights exactly)
- Eleiko collars
- Sorinex high low squat stand

He's asking $1500. He says everything is about 6 years old and has been used little to none. He bought it from his neighbor and he said that neither one of them used it very much.

What are your thoughts? I've been looking at getting a Werksan training set, but then this offer came up. Does Werksan's customer service and Eleiko's lack thereof make it worth waiting to get the Werksans or would you recommend pulling the trigger on the Eleikos?

Also, you once mentioned that the knurling on the Eleiko competition bars is a bit too aggressive to train with on a daily basis. If the Eleiko bar above is in fact a competition bar would that change your opinion.

I would appreciate your thoughts.
Greg everett 2010-01-30
Chris -

I would offer him maybe 1200 or 1300. But it's a good deal. Those bars last forever so unless it was allowed to rust it will be near perfect. All competition bars have deeper/sharper knurling so it may be a bit tough but some people can manage it.
Gant 2010-02-02
MATT M. 2011-07-17
Josh Ward 2015-10-17
what does it mean when it says "2010" like right here "A2. 8 Stiff-legged deadlift - 155 lbs; 2010; 90 sec rest"
2010 is a tempo prescription and is described here.

Steve Pan
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