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Thursday February 11 2010
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Steve split jerk
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Jonathan Dinh 2010-02-11
Wow, another max snatch and clean & jerk day.

Thank you for the great programming! my max snatch used to be 125 and now i am at 165# sn. my clean and jerk started at around 185# and is now up to 220#!!!! thank you once again
Gordo 2010-02-11
Been off the past few days shoveling snow in DC. Happy to be back in the gym today

Snatch 145lb
C&J 200lb
Front Squat 135lb

3 times through
GHR x 15
Ring Dips x 10

Didn't do this "for time", focused on quality full range of motion for each rep...
Jason 2010-02-11
"That's a bit like cutting off your head because you have a headache." Lol!!

Point taken, I hadn't considered ankle flexibility, I'll work on that. Thanks for the time.
Eric 2010-02-11
Greg -

A bit off-topic here...

Been following the site's programming for a few months now. This was after doing the beginner and intermediate programs outlined in your book and DVD. Loving it all!!! My only concern is with deloading weeks; wondering if these are planned within the grand scheme of things (for the site I mean), or should we implement these as needed? I only ask because I also play basketball 2-3 times a week. If I was doing the training alone, it probably wouldn't be so much of an issue, but with ball (and I have a really hard time taking it "easy" once I step on the hardwood!!!), I feel like it might become one...

Any thoughts?
Roanne 2010-02-11
Been arguing with a friend of mine over something: He argues that you can't be proficient and get better at CF unless you do the WODs. I argue that doing the Catalyst WODs will make you proficient enough in the event that you are called upon to do a CF WOD every now and then (mostly to get the competitive juices flowing when opting to train with a pure CFitter, on occasion), yet will also make you immensely stronger and more powerful, without necessarily building those qualities within a vaccuum... What's your take? I'd love to add your two-cent within our argument :) I also mentioned the likes of Coach Rutherfod's approach to support my argument :-)
Jimbo 2010-02-11
F Crossfit. That is all.
Roanne 2010-02-11
My take exactly :-)

But, admittedly, I do like to kick their butts at their own workouts on occasion...
Greg Everett 2010-02-11
Eric - You're fine just following the workouts here - back-off periods are built in.
Greg Everett 2010-02-11
Roanne - Since no one actually knows what CrossFit is, it's an impossible argument. Whether or not someone who trains with these workouts or something similar will do well at an exercise competition depends entirely on how much the chosen events happen to favor that individual's strong suits. If there is a bunch of heavy lifting (like 135 PVCs), the stout guy who squats double bodyweight + is going to dominate. If instead there is a 7k run through land of suspect history, that guy is going to get annihilated. This training will get you fit for lifting heavy things quickly from the floor to over your head and eating like a full-grown adult. There is a small bit of conditioning, but that's just to trick people who are scared of getting fat to train like athletes. Having said all of that, my 2 final cents is, Who cares how good one is at exercising? What are you going to do with the abilities your chosen methods of training are providing you?
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-02-11
Snatch - Max
195 lbs

Clean & jerk - Max

Front squat - 60% x 2 x 10; 1 min rest
179 x 2 x 10

3 sets:
A1. GHR x 15
A2. Ring dips x 10
Jordan Atwell 2010-02-11
Snatch- 245lbs...PR on 4th day on :)

C&J- 315lbs

Front Squat- 220lbs x 2 x 10
TeddyB_SC 2010-02-11
Snatch--78 missed 81
C&J tomorrow
jason gusic 2010-02-12
things are going good here as well,still gun shy with the snatch since that is what put me out for months with a gimp shoulder but c and j is up to 245. read some of the "argument" about CF and what not, my take is that if most people spent more time training and less tim etaking pics of themselves doing CF like activities ie putting up pics of PALEO meals of facebook, and quoting GG's use of giant words that perhaps there lifts will go up. a person's conditioning is there choice, there is a universe of external factors and forces that we cant control, what we can control is our own body, if you choose to dominate wods that are named on the mainsite fine. if ur interest is lifting ridiculously heavy things over head you have a home here! i love Pmenu, and there is nothing wrong with throwing some more CF type wods in after your daily lifts, i do, and i continue to go up. CF.com is where yo ugo to play... Pmenu is where u train. :) thanks fir everything Greg
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