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Friday February 19 2010
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Donny snatch
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LP 2010-02-18
Who the hell are these guys? I am not alright with the fact that they are power snatching that much weight. Those plates must be fake. Greg, you should know better than to post videos glorifying the specialization of one modality of fitness. These people clearly lack any sort of work capacity across broad time domains.
Joe 2010-02-18
Pretty sure the guy in the photo is the one who crushed Grace the first time he did a crossfit workout. 1 min 47 seconds
dan 2010-02-18
he is the same guy - donny shankle
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-02-18
Wow those guys are real real strong.
Michael 2010-02-19
All of these guys are either American record holders and or the top in their weight class. They train at California Strength under the watchful eye of Glenn Pendlay. Its awesome to watch these guys lift. I recently did my USAW 1 there a couple of weekends ago with Glenn and watching Donny (guy with the knee wraps and no shirt) squat just over 600lbs like it 95# was awesome.
Kevin Perry 2010-02-19
Donny is a bad ass
ChrisCFW 2010-02-19
Awesome. I could watch that all day. Back to the gym to work on my lifts methinks...
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