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Saturday February 20 2010
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Steve reverse hyper
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Steve Broadley 2010-02-20
Hi Greg,

I completed (well what I thought were!) Clean Pulls yesterday but wasn't too sure if I should be bending the elbows to bring the barbell as high as possible or stopping the movement with just a shrug of the shoulders. What is suggested?

Thanks for all your help,

Brian Reckdenwald 2010-02-20
Snatch - 80% x 1 x 7
165 lbs x 1 x 7

Clean & jerk - 80% x 1 x 7
205 x 1 x 7

Pause Back squat - 3RM

3 sets:
A1. Box jump x 5 - hip height
A2. 3-5 Stiff-legged deadlift; 2010 - 225 lbs
Michael 2010-02-20
Clean Pull=No elbows
Clean High Pull=Bending elbows
Gordo 2010-02-21
Snatch 53kg
C&J 75kg
Pause B Squat 3 RM 85kg

3 Sets
Box Jump x 5 34"
SLDL x 5 70kg
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