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Friday February 26 2010
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Audra SLDL

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LP 2010-02-25
Was that a PR at the end of the video? I can't quite tell what the weight is.. were there still little plates behind the clamps?
Jaime 2010-02-25
bloody awesome vid...as per usual
Travis 2010-02-25
Lol@Jaime's link being www.australia.com
Travis 2010-02-25
Also, Aimee is my hero... Kind of...
Mark Gleason 2010-02-25
Aimee, my daughter loves watching videos of you and the rest of the women at CA.
Thanks for being such great and strong role models!
"I wish I am as strong as her when I'm her age" says my 4 yr old. I agreed, me too Emma.
dan 2010-02-25
was that 90? 15kg bar + 2x20 + 2x15 + 2x2.5 clamps

i have to hit 90 by may! hoping to get 100 by the end of the year
Jaime 2010-02-25
ahaha travis its the only way to clarify who it is really...im much more impressed by the use of thisiswhyyourefat by u and steve
Scott 2010-02-26
Great Video
David Osorio 2010-02-27
mmmm fugazi.

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