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Thursday March 4 2010
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Jocelyn snatch
  • Snatch - max
  • Clean & jerk - max
  • Front squat - max
4 sets:
A1. GHR x 12
A2. Dips x 10

Notes: Same as Tuesday - Don't push PRs for the snatch and CJ unless you're sure you can make them. Go all out on the front squat.

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Nathan 2010-03-04
To Greg,

Thanks for making these resources available online. I started following C.A. programming six weeks ago, and I have already moved my snatch from 95 to 125 lb, and my CJ from 180 to 200, with much cleaner form. Don't know how much longer I can keep up the beginners gains, but I'm loving it!
Dave 2010-03-04

Where are you guys at in your programming, as in when are you starting a new 10 wk/16 wk program?
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-03-04
Snatch - max
205 lbs

Clean & jerk - max
260 PR!

Front squat - max
305 PR!

4 sets:
A1. GHR x 12
A2. Dips x 10

I've been chilling in a little place I like to call PRville all week. It feels good.
jason gusic 2010-03-04
snatch at 165... learnin myself some split snatch, hurt my self pretty bad with the squat snatch a while back... still up 5#

clean and jerk 255

squats are off for me... stopped front squats at 240

good momentum goin on this cycle!!!

thanks greg

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