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Sunday March 14 2010
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Congrats to Jon on his big CJ PR last weekend (184 kg) and making the Pan-Am team
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Johnny 2010-03-14
not sure if you missed my question last night but..


I am beginning the Strength and Power template in your book. Before I began I had a few questions...

1- Would benching and doing tricep work one day a week hinder my progress?

2- Can I do the MetCon you post on the site for each day or would I be better off structuring my own type of MetCon?

Thanks man

Also, what type of cycle is this that is posted on the page?
Greg Everett 2010-03-14
1. Why do you want to bench and do tricep work? I don't mean that to be critical - my answer just depends on why you want to do it.2. You'd be best off not doing conditioning work - if you want to lift the heaviest weights possible. But again, my answer wiil depend somewhat on why you're doing conditioning work. In any case, conditioning work will extremely tough to manage on top of that program.
Johnny 2010-03-14
1. Well, I am going into Pro Wrestling school soon and being thick in the tricep area and chest area is something they look for.

2. I figured the extra conditioning would help me get into better condition for pro wrestling

Greg Everett 2010-03-15
1. Drop the snatch push presses and do your bench and tri work on that day.2. True enough - I would keep the conditioning work to 2-3x/week, and relatively brief, e.g. 4-8 min or so.
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