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Thursday March 18 2010
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Steve OHS
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Travis 2010-03-18
What happened to the Asian 'Stache™?
Walter Ezell 2010-03-18
Muscle snatch - Max 155#
Power " - 80% 124#
Power Clean/Jerk - 80% 156#
OH Squat - 85% 165# ; 70% 145#

3 Sets
20 dips
20 kb swing - 45#
Steve 2010-03-18
Asian 'Stache™ has been retired until further notice.
Travis 2010-03-18
Shame on you, Steve.
Gios 2010-03-18
Jerk - 150(pr) max / 120 1 x 3
Mg.hg.Ms.Sn - 70 3 x 3
Md.hg.Sn - 75 3 x 3
Md.hg.Cl - 110 3 x 3

3 rds. = 20 dips/ 20 kb swings (american)/20kg
Alex 2010-03-18
Weights are in lbs

5'10", 174 lbs., 17 years

500m - 1:27


Jerk - 190 (pr). Felt as if I could've done 2. Then 165 x4 (split jerk; right, left, right, left)

Hang Muscle snatch 3x3 115 (just training technique)
Hang Snatch 3x3 115 (just training technique)
Clean 1x3 135 (technique)
Hang clean 2x3 135 (technique)

3 rounds: 20 dips, 20 swings (Russian) @ 60

3:00 biking fast, 1:00 biking sprint

Felt like puking. Good day

Alex 2010-03-18
500m is row, btw.

Oh, and 1 deadlift at 315 before the dips and swings. Haven't done it in a while and just jumped in for a single rep between a friend's sets. Haven't done them in a while. Felt good even through I was already pretty tired, but grip was rough. Last time was 325 x3
TJ Miller 2010-03-18
I just thought of a question. I maxed my lifts before starting a cycle that you posted a few weeks back. I've been using percentages based off of those lifts for the cycle. I just got to a day where I am supposed to max my snatch and clean and jerk. Both lifts were different than the maxes I did at the beginning of the cycle. For following workouts, do I use percentages based off of these new maxes? Or do I keep using my old maxes until the end of the cycle?
Greg Everett 2010-03-18
TJ - Only change your maxes during the cycle if they go up.
TJ Miller 2010-03-18
Ok thanks for the quick answer
Aimee 2010-03-18
Ya Travis. But now he has the Scott Baio haircut from the 80's
Greg Everett 2010-03-18
It's not Baio. It's Botev.
Travis 2010-03-18
Like this?


I approve.
Erik Reckdenwald 2010-03-19
Jerk - max for day (235#, PR); 80% (190#) of that x 1 x 3
Block/Mid-hang muscle snatch - 65% (115#) x 3 x 3
Block/Mid-hang snatch - 70% (125#) x 3 x 3
Block/Mid-hang clean - 70% (165) x 3 x 3

Only did 2 sets, ran out of time before the yoga class took over the gym:
A1. 20 dips; no rest
A2. 20 KB swings; 30 sec rest
JP Griffin 2010-03-19

Jerk - max for day(195); 80%(155) of that x 1 x 3
Block/Mid-hang muscle snatch - 65%(100) x 3 x 3
Block/Mid-hang snatch - 70%(105) x 3 x 3
Block/Mid-hang clean - 70%(125) x 3 x 3
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