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Friday March 26 2010
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Steve split jerk
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joker 2010-03-25
what's pat's fran time?
the dude 2010-03-25
The Question remains though?, Pat has alot of talent and drive and will no doubt be great, but why has he not been in competions? His coach states they are only going to do the ones that count. Having talked with my coaches that are a previous olympian and senior international level coach, the answer is always the same. They believe even the littlest competitions are good for the lifter. How is Pat going to fare when he might be having a bad day? Is he going to be able to pull it together against lifters that have put themselves through the mental aspects of multiple competitions. Many believe endogenous substances could be in play. Your thoughts?
ken c 2010-03-25
joker - who gives a flying fuck about his fran time? does it look to you as if pat is concerned about developing his gpp?
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-03-25
so this guy is 21 years old or so? Yea I wouldn't be worried about fran if i could snatch 300+ and were built like that. As it is though, i am a scrawny punk.
Vinnie 2010-03-25
Guys I think you're taking jokers comment a bit too seriously. Having read his other posts, I can venture a guess and say he's taking a shot at the GPP obsessors that tried to criticize Greg (among others) for *gasp* promoting efficiency in the Olympic Lifts via solid technique.
dan 2010-03-25
where was pat at the arnold's when caleb ward broke the junior C&J record?
Alex 2010-03-25
Speaking of Fran, I noticed in some of the pictures there are the names of some Crossfit WODs on the wall with what are presumably times. My question is how do these fit into the Cathletics programming?

So far, I've been doing just the workouts on the main page. My Olympic lifting has improved, but I feel my GPP has suffered somewhat. Any ideas? I tend to do Cathletics, deferring to the Crossfit main site only when there's a heavy metcon on a total, but I'm considering doing (to be continued)
Alex 2010-03-25
(Continued) Crossfit primarily and deferring to Cathletics instead of the longer, lighter metcons. Sound good?
LP 2010-03-26

Sounds bad. As far as I understand, Mr. E's programming is structured very thoughtfully from day to day and week to week. Month to month, even. If you just throw in a "CA WOD" every now and again, sure, you will be doing some olympic lifts, but you will not see any of the gains that come from following a real program. And the gains are effin' sick.
ken c 2010-03-26
vinnie - okay if joker was joking then i apologize. i guess sarcasm doesn't always come through in print.
WOW Lots of CF rejects here 2010-03-26
Check out Broz Knows on youtube for more strong assed lifting grom Pat and others.
This guy seems like one of America's hopefuls fo' sho'!
T Sprague 2010-03-26
Pat is only 19. He turns 20 next month. And btw, he snatches > 400+.
Greg Everett 2010-03-26
Alex - Pick one or the other or you'll get little from either.
Chris B 2010-03-26
Q: Where was pat at the arnold's when caleb ward broke the junior C&J record?

A: Training.
BD 2010-03-26
Chris, if I recall Broz said Pat snatched 8kg below that record the same day. Can't forget the little details.
Mike Haytack 2010-03-26
to all you keyboard ninjas...that Pat dude is pretty bad ass if you ask me! don't be gay.
Nicolas W 2010-03-26
Very inspiring to see someone Snatch more than I can Total who is not on olympian! Thanks for the vid Greg.
josh 2010-03-27
Impressive lifting!
...but why is he competing so little? Just interested. German lifters compete a lot, just to get used to the pressure and the procedure. Not every competition needs to be a new PR; most of the time they are practice competitions anyway. Only one "that counts" seems to me to build unnecessary pressure on the lifter.

There were a awful lot of shot putters from the former UDSSR who tend to compete very little. They also tend to get striped of their medalls afterward for obvious reasons.

Are there unpredictable training controls in the US Weightlifting program? I'm just curios.
BD 2010-03-27
He's also broke from my knowledge. Broz has said Pat does not work nor goes to school. He trains and he sleeps. Also, Pat does not have any money to spend on meets regularly and is looking to save up for Nationals.
rob 2010-03-27
from BD's comment above
"Chris, if I recall Broz said Pat snatched 8kg below that record the same day. Can't forget the little details."
my weak math skills say
Pat has snatched 195 kg?
has he cleaned over 220 yet
how's his wrist and knee injuries doing
look fine on vid
BD 2010-03-27
From what I have heard:

195kg snatch, 225 clean, 240 jerk. This was about a few weeks ago.
rob 2010-03-27
i don't know if it was the lens
but looks like he's
closing in on 300 lbs
felipe 2010-03-30
That was an effing inspiring vid. Wish it were still up. Good work. Always impressive to see what really remarkable athletes can do.
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