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Wednesday March 31 2010
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Power jerk
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Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-03-31
C: C&J:175#, CP:235#, Sn:145#, BS:285+~46inch box jumps
BG: C&J:135#, CP:175#, Sn:105#, BS:205+~46inch box jumps
Russian twists on decline bench w/ 35# plate

I like the clean pulls off the riser, havent done that since high school yo.
Michael Miller 2010-03-31
Hey Greg quick question for you. My strict should press is 220# and my Push Press is 265# however my jerk is lower than my push press and I know that is not right. How much more should my jerk be? I am probably going to come to CA for some work on my jerk technique for obvious reasons.
Greg Everett 2010-03-31
Michael - You should be able to jerk anywhere from 20-35% more than you can push press - really depends on your individual strengths/weaknesses.
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-03-31
Clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 3
195 lbs x 1 x 3

Clean pull off 3" riser - 90% (of clean) x 3 x 3
240 x 3 x 3

Snatch - 75% x 1 x 2
155 x 1 x 2

Back squat - 84% x 2 x 3; follow each set immediately with 2 box jumps
315 x 2 x 3; 36" box

Russian twist - 3 x 18/side w/ 20 lb ball
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