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Friday April 2 2010
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Tyler 2010-04-02
Hey guys, this may be a stupid question but I am going to ask anyways since I couldn't find it in the FAQ. Pertaining to lifts such as muscle snatch/muscle clean... If the portion of the workout is "Muscle Snatch 50% x 3 x 3" are we using 50% of our 1RM muscle snatch? Or 50% of our 1RM Snatch? I did this the other day and it just felt super light (when I used 50% of mus sn)... and I figured I could use the same percentage of my snatch 1RM pretty easily. Thanks in advance!
Greg Everett 2010-04-02
Tyler - Of MS. It's meant to be light (and 50% is only one of the sets) - the focus is on precision rather than weight. Most people's muscle snatches are questionable at best, and that defeats the purpose.
Tyler 2010-04-02
Thanks Greg, this is what I figured but again just wanted to make sure. I feel that my MS are pretty solid... they really make me focus on applying force through the bar via hip extension. And at they same time makes me realize how awful I am at full snatch. Looking forward to receiving your book. Thanks again.
Garrett Smith 2010-04-02
Dan John is teh awesome.
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