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Saturday April 10 2010
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ChiCityMayne 2010-04-09
Steve doin' werk as usual.
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-04-10
Snatch - max for day
195 lbs

Clean & jerk - max for day

Front squat - max for day
315 PR!

Good morning - 3 x 10
135 x 3 x 10

V-ups - 3 x 15
Alex 2010-04-10
5'10", 175 lbs., 18 years

Snatch - 150# (10# PR!)

Clean & Jerk - Focused on clean technique instead (PR 205#), Jerk @ 210# (PR 215#)

Front squat - 245# (20# PR!)

No goodmornings due to back soreness

Hanging leg raises to failure
RiceOwlsCatalysts 2010-04-10
C: Sn:Fail185, C&J:235 PR!!, FS: 275
BG: Sn=1RMOHS:145# PR, C&J=1RMDL:295# PR, FS:195

Finally got me a clean and jerk PR, thanks greg!!
Alex 2010-04-10
Lately I've been having some issues with the clean. My pull is faulty, but I can get the bar reasonably high enough - but then I can't rack it in time. I find it hard to catch it in the squat, too.

Also, I've been having some lower back tightness when I lean back too far.

Any ideas?
Greg Everett 2010-04-11
Alex - You shouldn't be catching the bar in a squat - especially if you're pulling it so high. You need to receive the bar at whatever height you pull it to, and then ride it down into the squat. Work on muscle cleans and tall cleans to get stronger, faster and more accurate with your turnover.When you lean too far back doing what? Pulling? Check hip flexor tightness.
Erik Reckdenwald 2010-04-11
Worked out Sunday instead of Saturday

Snatch - max for day
170 lbs

Clean & jerk - max for day

Front squat - max for day

Good morning - 3 x 10
120 x 3 x 10

Weighted Situps - 3 x 10
Thomas 2010-04-11
Snatch 84 pr
clean 102 pr

Can't jerk, everytime I do I get shooting pains in my anterior delts and lateral lats. Ever heard of this? Overuse?

Max fs for day 102

2 minute total l hold at the end.
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