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Sunday April 18 2010
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Jake Rubash 2010-04-18
I was looking for a professional opinion on how my numbers stack up together (anything out of proportion, work needed etc.). Hopefully you can oblige Greg.

Weight: 77kg
Height: 5'10"
Snatch: 100kg
Power Snatch: 85kg
Snatch Balance: 110kg
OHS: 115kg
C&J: 120kg
Power Clean and Push Jerk (lifted separately): 115kg
Front Squat: 136+kg
Back Squat: 150kg
Deadlift: 184+kg

Thanks in advance.

Alexander 2010-04-18

I fractured a finger in my right hand and it will have to rest for a couple of weeks to full heal. What type of exercise would you recommend?
Greg Everett 2010-04-19
Jake -Looks pretty good. Definitely indicates that you have a margin of strength that could be tapped into a bit more in terms of your classic lift numbers.
Greg Everett 2010-04-19
Alexander - Depends a bit on how it's fractured and how it's bandaged up. You can still squat, do back and ab work certainly. Depending on how you're wrapped up, you may be able to pull/DL if you're using straps and leaving that finger relaxed. Basically I recommend getting creative and working around it as much as possible.
Alexander 2010-04-19
Thanks for the response.

Its splinted up with the ring taped to the middle finger in a splint. I get the xrays back tomorrow but the doc said most likely its fractured and if I continue to lift with it and not let it heal, then it could full break/tear.

Greg Everett 2010-04-19
Alexander - Then stick to squats, back and abs for a couple weeks as needed, then start gradually reintroducing pulling stuff with light weights and straps - nothing that causes pain either during or after.
Alexander 2010-04-19
I really appreciate this.

What type of back exercises?
Greg Everett 2010-04-19
Alexander - There are a lot of options. Back extensions, reverse hypers, back planks, good mornings of different variations, etc.
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