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Wednesday April 28 2010
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Nick P 2010-04-27
Crap load of max days.
Matt Foreman 2010-04-28
Did Steve snatch 130?!
MJ 2010-04-28
Snatch - max: 120 / 115 x 1 x 5
C & J - max: 175 / 160 x 1 x 5
Back Squat - 205 x 1 x 3
Hanging Leg Raise - 4 x 12

Nick P 2010-04-28
Well..equalled my PR on Sn and CJ...

Bring on crap load more max days...
Aimee 2010-04-28
We wish. It was an overhead squat!
Travis 2010-04-28
I think Steve should just eat up to 130kg via St. John's 4-6x a day. Then he could overhead squat like a million kilos.

Shit would be so legit.
Brian Reckdenwald 2010-04-28
Snatch - max for day; 85% of that x 1 x 5
205 lbs; 175 x 1 x 5

Clean & jerk - max for day; 85% of that x 1 x 5
250; 225 x 1 x 5

Back squat - 85% x 1 x 3
315 x 1 x 3

Hanging leg raise - 4 x 12
Alex 2010-04-28
5'10", 175 lbs., 18 years

Snatch - 165# (old PR)
C&J - 220# (10# PR)
Squat - 295# 1x3
Erik Reckdenwald 2010-04-28
Snatch - max for day; 85% of that x 1 x 5
165#; 145# x 1 x 5

Clean & jerk - max for day; 85% of that x 1 x 5
225#; 195# x 1 x 5

Back squat - 85% x 1 x 3
280# x 1 x 3

Hanging leg raise - 4 x 12
Tyler 2010-04-28
Sri... Here is my specific issue (others feel free to comment). I have biceps tendonitis... more severe in my left than my right. I competed in crossfit sectionals and since I placed 18th... I am not moving on to regionals. So, I took a break and came back to training about a week later. I trained for about 2 weeks, strength mainly, because I am looking to bulk up from 170# (already at 180#). I decided to start Oly lifting because I love it.
Shortly after sectionals I had a minor inguinal hernia repaired, nothing major, just needed to have it done. I am back at 100% since then (April 2nd). I had 2 weeks off during the surgery recovery.
I started back performance menu, just following the daily workouts posted. Here in lies my problem, I think... I started back, we were at week 6 or 7 after that 2 week break and picked right back up where I left off. So, I was not used to the heavy weight, back to back to back to back like we are doing these days and just killed my arms.
I work alongside occupational/physical therapists so they were able to pinpoint my problem, the biceps tendon. They suggested deep tissue massage, ice, and rest. But... they do not train Oly or strength so they aren't really familiar with what it is I do exactly.
Any thoughts?

I have upped my fish oil a bit, trying to eat more tendons/cartilage from my meat, and am supplementing with milk and protein post workout.
Greg Everett 2010-04-28
Tyler -

You pretty much know what the problem is already - as you said, you jumped back in in the middle of a cycle after a long break - really good way to make things hurt. Listen to the PTs, and back off the pulling or overhead work (whatever aggravates it) for a week, and then get back in at the beginning of a cycle.
Tyler 2010-04-29
Exactly my plans Greg, thanks.
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