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Friday May 7 2010
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Jaime 2010-05-06
uhhh Steve...is that a half gallon of monster??
dan 2010-05-06
someone should add up all the calories
dan 2010-05-06
he does eat like a man
Lance Miller 2010-05-06
Damn, I always thought your were a big Asian, but I think now that you are a small Tongan. Dat shit da'kine bra.
Brian DeGennaro 2010-05-06
That looks delicious!
Dylan 2010-05-06
No.Way. Epic.
Bill 2010-05-07
Take that, Pat Sherwood.
ken c 2010-05-07
damn thats classic! i think the most retching part was the 40 chicken nuggets. i actually got a little dry heave there. on a side note, i once ate 38 reeces peanutbutter cups on a dare.
Mike Haytack 2010-05-07
JP Mummey 2010-05-07
Do you have a trust fund set aside for meals? That's a lot of grindage!
JKG 2010-05-07
every time you eat a hamburger bun, Robb Wolf kills a kitten
Greg Everett 2010-05-07

Every time Robb kills a kitten, Steve eats it.
luca 2010-05-07
I thought I was watching a Man vs. Food episode
Ben 2010-05-07
Is this serious??
Ben 2010-05-07
Ok Im going to say this isn't serious after he adds the egg shell into his shake haha this is epic
Rice Owls Catalysts 2010-05-07
It would really help if you could tell us how regular steve's movements are. We need all the info we can get.
Sweet baby Ray 2010-05-07
Favorite meal is the tacos with mozzarella sticks inside! Man I'm hungry got to get back to eating
Ashley Weber 2010-05-07
You have something growing on your lip Steve.
Ksolo 2010-05-07
that was awesome.
anon 2010-05-07
I didn't realize this wasn't serious until the shake part with the egg shells.
dan 2010-05-07
what weight class does steve compete at?
Travis 2010-05-07

He's just dense.
Robb Wolf 2010-05-09
I'll not have my kitten discussed publicly.

Steve makes 70's Big look skinny and anemic. This is part of why we shipped him to Greg and Aimee, the city of chico ran out of food.

If only Steve Weighed and Measured.
saulj 2010-05-10
Looking forward to episode 2...
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