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Friday May 28 2010
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Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-05-28
Hi there, another question!

Couldn´t find the info in the FAQ so: how long rest between sets do you recommend?

So far I have rested ca 1 min in light sets (50% or less) and ca 2 min in a bit heavier sets (60%). Even heavier, 80% ca 3 min rest and 95-100% ca 4 min.
Aimee 2010-05-28
2-3 minutes is a good guideline for all sets. Some people like to rest about 4 minutes between max attempts or during heavier squats. I would only rest a minute if Greg tells you to do something on the minute.
Seth Seaford 2010-05-28
Hey! I just want to thank you for putting these workouts on the website. I started olympic weighlfting 2 years ago and i love it more than anything. Its by far the most challanging thing i have ever done! My current maxes are 150kg C&J - 120kg snatch @ 88kg bw. I just started your program monday 5-24-10. I want to make it as far as i can in this sport no matter what it takes and i think with guidance from Mr. Everett's workouts it will help alot!! Wish you guys the best and thanks so much!!
Michael 2010-05-28
Weird question.

I have the '08 Adidas Olympic lifting shoes and they are getting a bit smelly and the non-leather parts are ditry . Any suggestions on how to clean them thoroughly with out damaging??
jongb 2010-07-04
CF Main Site WOD: 30k bike, 46:00 flat, resistance at 10 of 20.
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