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Monday May 31 2010
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  • Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 5
  • Power clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 5
3 sets:
A1. Back extension x 10 (add weight if needed - DB behind neck)
A2. Planks (front/side) - max hold (add weight if more than 1 min)

Week 2

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Sri 2010-05-31

Does anyone have any suggestions for patellar tendonitis? I thought mine was gone and it has begun to resurface again. I seem to aggravate it when I hit the bottom position doing the snatch and cleans. Back Squat, not so much.
Greg Everett 2010-05-31
Sri - More ice than you ever wanted to use. A TON of quad and hip flexor foam rolling and stretching, pre and post work, and every spare moment you have.. wiith ice after when possible. You may also get some help doing some glute activation exercises like x-band walks a few days/week, as well as adding some more hamstring work such as GHRs, reverse hypers and good mornings.
Nick L. 2010-05-31
Power snatch - 75% x 1 x 5
110 x 1 x 5
Power clean & jerk - 75% x 1 x 5
135 x 1 x 5
3 sets:

A1. Back extension x 10 (35# weight)

A2. Planks (front/side) - 3 x 1 min w/ 35# weight
Sri 2010-05-31

Thanks a lot. I will try it and hopefully, it should improve.
JHo 2010-06-01
Power snatch 68k x1x5
Power C & J 82k x1x5

Second pull seems slow on snatches. I can't put my finger on the problem. Jerk is getting faster. Working on catching a little lower.

Back X 3x10 40#DB
L Sits instead of planks
6x max effort with 30 sec rest

Row 500
25 burpees (over small hurdle)
2 rounds

7:16-dreadful. Goal of sub 6 next time
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-06-03
PS: 52.5 kg
PC&J: 67.5

3 sets
BE+10 kg x 10
GHD-su x10
Reverse hyper x 10

Plank+20 kg: 1:15 min
Side plank, left down, no weight: 1:16min
Side plank, right down, no weight: 1:24 min

Missed the planks and reverse hypers the other day, so I put them in there. Sorry coach! Btw, my shoulders feel better in...well since ever I can remember, really happy about that!
Andrew Karlovich 2014-04-09
Power snatch 65kg
Power clean and jerk 83kg

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