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Tuesday June 1 2010
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JHo 2010-06-01
Clean pull 284k x5x5
Back Squat 143k x4x6
Bulg. Split Squat 80#DB 3x8

1.5-2 min rest between all sets. Last rep on every squat set slow and ugly. Used straps on cleans and split squats. Split squats smashed me. Got nauseous after every set. Splitting headache at the end. Waited 10 minutes before finisher

85# DB Swings (to overhead) 15
Kipping pull ups 10
3 rounds


all sets unbroken. Too much rest going into round three.
Mike Donnelly 2010-06-01
"When the Olympic Lifts aren’t Appropriate" is the most illuminating article I've read on strength & fitness since I began crossfitting 5 years ago.

Nick L 2010-06-01
Clean pull off blocks (mid-thigh) - 100% (of clean) x 5 x 5
180# x 5 x 5
Back squat - 80% x 4 x 6
270# x 4 x 6
Bulgarian split squat (DBs) - 3 x 8
2x 50# DB 3 x 8
3 sets; no rest:

15 KB swings (25# KB)
10 pull-ups (kipping)
Thomas Gallagher 2010-06-01
Punishing but great day.

cp's 225x5x5
bs 195x4x6 (did 75% of max)
bss 25# dbx8x3

couplet 4:30 2 pood bell, dead hang pull ups.
Erik Reckdenwald 2010-06-02
Clean pull off blocks (mid-thigh) - 100% (of clean) x 5 x 5
240# x 5 x5

Back squat - 80% x 4 x 6
265# x 4 x 6

Bulgarian split squat (DBs) - 3 x 8
35# each

3 sets; no rest:
15 KB (53#) swings
10 pull-ups
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-06-04
DL+Hang Clean Pull: 110 kg
HBBS: 100 kg
Bulgarian: 2x21.5 kg
Metcon, 32 kg KB: 4:14 min

No blocks so I had to DL it first, no straps so I had to put it down every rep. Sissy grip. HBBS felt better than I expected. Split squats are horrible but good, but I think I need to go easier with the weights or take a barbell instead of dumbells. Metcon ok, unbroken in the beginning, then not unbroken ;)
Andrew Karlovich 2014-04-09
Clean pull 110kg
Back squat 118kg
BSS 90#
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