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Thursday June 3 2010
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Steve back extension
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JHo 2010-06-03
How heavy should one go on the lifts with no weights associated? Should the weight stay the same or should it go up each set? How sore is too sore to work out? The Bulgarian split squats have been wrecking me each week.
Greg Everett 2010-06-03
Jason - Thanks and I'll pass.JHo -When no weights are assigned, you need to feel out a weight that's appropriate for the sets/reps. In other words, about as much as you can do properly for the prescribed numbers. You only need to go up in weight each set if you undershoot the weight and it's too easy. Otherwise, doing all sets at the same weight is fine. Don't count sets that are really easy - start counting when it actually feels like a work set.There isn't a simple way to answer your soreness question - but why don't you do only 1 set of the BS squats next time, no weight, and give yourself a chance to recover. Then build back up to all sets, then add weight.
Nick L. 2010-06-03
Snatch high-pull - 70% (of snatch) x 5 x 5
100# x 5 x 5
Clean no-touch deadlift on riser - 70% (of clean) x 3 x 3
125# x 3 x 3
Back squat - 80% x 2 x 6
270# x 2 x 6
3 sets:
A1. Good morning x 5 (135)
A2. Planks - front/side, max hold 3 x 1 min w/ 35 #
Thomas Gallagher 2010-06-03
Couldn't resist peeking castro's comprehensive breakdown of how to snatch and clean improperly. Un-fucking-believable. Let's just rename the lifts while we are at it. Smatches and Jean & Clerks.
Michael 2010-06-04
Jean and Clerks good band name.
JHo 2010-06-05
Thanks Greg. I will back off a bit on days where I am really hurting.

Jason, I have one at home and several in the gym. I get plenty of quality time with my foam roller. Thanks.
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-06-06
S-High Pull: 50 kg
S-no touch: 50 kg
BS: 100 kg
Plank, 20 kg: 1:15 min
SIdes, no weight: 2x1 min
Andrew Karlovich 2014-04-13
Snatch High Pull 62kg
Clean Dead lift 79kg
Back Squat 118kg

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