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Tuesday June 22 2010
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Tanner 2010-06-22
WHat's up people...been following this programming since april and have seen some major improvements in everything but my snatch, I don't think it's as much of a technique problem as it is a strength problem, really found out how minimal my strength is in my shoulders when i tried that 3RM snPP today. Should i keep following these wods or follow them and add in certain movements, or switch to a lesser volume program where i can add what i need? Many thanks!
P.S. Could actually be a technique problem I just don't realize it...I could send in some vids if you guys have time to critique and what not.

Age:16 Height:5'8 Weight: 150 lbs.
Marvin Tikvah 2010-06-22
Nick L. 2010-06-22
Snatch pull off blocks (mid thigh) 170# 3 x 3
Snatch P Press (behind neck) 3RM 145# (stopped due to shoulder pain)
B Squat 270# 2 x 6
Planks 2x w/ 45# plate
JHo 2010-06-23
Snatch Pull 105k
Back squat 143k

back squat felt good today.
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-06-24
Pull offs: 70 kg
Snatch Push press: 3RM 90 kg
BS: 100 kg
Plank and sides: 2 min/1 min
April 2014-10-07
should i assume the Snatch pull off the blocks is started from mid thigh?

Steve Pan 2014-10-09
Mid-thigh is good.
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