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Saturday June 26 2010
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Jocelyn split jerk
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Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-06-28
Pull offs: 120 kg
PJ+SJ: 70 kg
BS: 100 kg
3 rounds
A1. GM, 30 kg x 10
A2. 20 kg plate sidebend x 10/side
Kenny 2011-12-08
Hey Coach,

I am on the last week of your Russian Squat program. I am wondering which cycle to do next. Do you have any recommendations on where to go from here. Thanks,

Greg Everett 2011-12-08
Kenny - What are your goals and what are your weaknesses?
Kenny 2011-12-09
My goals are to improve my Clean. Specifically standing up from a heavy clean. I like what you have done in this squat program and the pairing of the O-Lifts with it.

A couple of other things I can improve on is being more stable with heavy weights over head such as Jerk and Overhead Squat. This probably stems from poor core strength (also probably a part of the issue with my clean as well).

Would it be a good idea to some kind of program where I am transitioning the leg strength I have gained in this squat program to the O-lifts?

Thanks Coach
Greg Everett 2011-12-09
Kenny-Try one of these depending on how much time you're willing to commit -http://www.cathletics.com/workouts/cycle.php?cycleID=38http://www.cathletics.com/workouts/cycle.php?cycleID=40http://www.cathletics.com/workouts/cycle.php?cycleID=37
April 2014-10-07
should i assume the clean pull off the blocks is started from mid thigh?

Steve Pan 2014-10-09
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