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Tuesday June 29 2010
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Kara snatch
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Ben Moskowitz 2010-06-29
I thought I would post here for maybe a faster response.

Since I have no established RM's for the beginner program, what do the following lifts *feel* like for the first time performing them? (My Oly lifts lag behind my strength). I know there's a recommendation in the book but I always appreciate more specific advice.

Push press 75%
Back squat, front squat, overhead squat 80%
Cln pull 85%
Sn or Cln deadlift 105%

If it's relevant, you know the rep numbers I'm sure. I'm loving the book!

Thanks a ton,
EFS 2010-06-29
Hello Greg,

I have been following the weight gain program in your book for a few weeks - not because I'm interested in gaining weight but simply because I love to deadlift, bench press and press occassionally. I am wondering if I should just stick with this program for the long haul or do you have other suggestions for incorporating these "strength" lifts in to the daily wod programming? Also - great book! Obviously the product of a great passion for the sport and teaching. Thank you!

Eric R 2010-06-29
Aimee, just wanted to thank you for the awesome article in the latest PM. I just finished reading it. As an athlete and coach, it really hit home. I have really been struggling with my own motivation as I inch closer to my 2nd meet and just reading your article really helped. Greg needs to have you write more often...
Greg Everett 2010-06-29
Ben - Your first exposure on the cycle should feel challenging but obviously within your maximal abilities. That is, on none of those exercises should you wonder if you'll be able to complete all reps prescribed.
Greg Everett 2010-06-29
EFS - You can continue using that basic framework for as long as you want, just keep mixing up the exercises occasionally, and vary the set/rep scheme every several weeks or so.
Greg Everett 2010-06-29
Eric - You're post suggests you think Aimee's lack of contributions to the PM is somehow a product of my editorial role...
JHo 2010-06-29
Snatch 46k
CJ 55k

Snatch felt great. Good turnover. Held bottom position for an extra two counts to focus on balance. Jerks are coming along. Working on turning back heel out a little more.
Ben Moskowitz 2010-06-29
btw, I'm training in the same gym as Gu­mundur Sigur­sson, who went to the '72, '76, and '80 Olympic games. pret-ty cool.
Bj÷rn Uddenfeldt 2010-07-01
Snatch: 40 kg
CJ: 50 kg
HLR 3 x 10

Didn┤t have any small weights. Should┤ve lifted 35/45. Fun to only focus on speed once in a while.
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