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Thursday July 1 2010
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Mike Haytack 2010-07-01
Aimee-I appreciate your honesty and willingness to divulge your personal struggles. I know it must have taken a lot of contemplation when considering how to approach this article-very courageous! There are lessons to be learned here that are applicable to not only weightlifters, but people of all walks of life.

I wish you the nothing but the best in the future.

Ben Moskowitz 2010-07-01
ditto, great article!
Brett Michaels 2010-07-01
Been using these workouts on my own for the past couple of months and have been experiencing great results. I also picked up the second edition of Greg's book, great read. I have one question on the snatch and the bar contacting my body. During the end of the second pull just before the third pull the bar contacts my body just above my wang. This is the only contact with my body during the snatch, and it painful and swollen after lifting. Any thoughts? Should the bar be contacting me at all? I am 5'11/94kg lifting and can lift 92/125 and have been lifting for a year so I am still a baby lifter. I am also not the singer of Poison.
Greg Everett 2010-07-01
Brett - Bring the bar in against your upper thighs while you're still over it - that is, it should come into light contact with you before your hips finish extending. This will prevent a collision, although there should still be a noticeable pop at the hips.
Björn Uddenfeldt 2010-07-03
Press, 24 kg kb: 10-8-6-4-2 (left/right arm)
Push press, 24 kg kb: 3x5 reps (left/right)
Crocrow, 24 kg kb: 3 x 15 reps
"Kipping front lever" 3x5 reps - kipping up with straight body to horizontal
15 fast sit ups, 15 v-ups, 15 fast sit ups

A bit to heavy kb for 3x15 reps with press, did as many as I could with left arm and did it as an descending ladder. Going for max day on monday or tuesday.
JHo 2010-07-03
KB Press 24k
DB Row 65#-70#-75#

20 V ups then 45sec plank
3 sets

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