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Thursday July 29 2010
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Nick P 2010-07-29
Love it when my phone buzzes and I get this months journal.

Whoa! (fist pump)
Alen 2011-06-03
If my goal is only weightlifting (to be better in Snatch, Clean&Jerk, plus Squats etc.), is it better to do prescribed conditioning work (e.g. in this workout - 3 sets; no rest: Sandbag bent row x 10, Sandbag halfmoon x 5/side) or should I exclude it?

Is it OK to do (in this cycle) Jerks behind the neck instead of Jerks, because when I do Jerks, I can feel a sharp pain under my shoulder blades? I don't feel the pain when doing Jerks behind the neck.
Greg Everett 2011-06-03
Alen -Yes, exclude the conditioning work. You can use jerks behind the neck, but figure out what the issue is because eventually you're going to need to jerk from the front.
Alen 2011-06-03
Thank you for your help Greg, I really appreciate it.
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