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Wednesday August 4 2010
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Pat Ryan
  • 3-position clean (floor, knee, mid-thigh) - 70% x 5 sets
  • Clean pull - 90% (of clean) x 5 x 5
  • Snatch balance - max for day; 78% of that x 2 x 3
3 sets:
A1. Ab wheel - 3 x 14
A2. KB sidebend - 3 x 14/side

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Josh 2010-08-03
What a beast! That is inspirational!
Sri 2010-08-04
He truly is.
John 2010-08-04
ATTA boy Pat!

We are so proud of you at the gym. You are an inspiration to everyone.

Nick P 2010-08-05

everytime I get in the groove of doing the daily wod consistently< my shoulders begin to ache. I then have to go rehab them.

And now, just yesterday while indoor rockclimbing, my shoulder seperated while on the wall. This is the first time it's hapenned and now can't move the damn thing.

While I won't stop lifting because I like it, how can I strengthen my inner shoulders for the future.

Thanks for everything you do here btw.

Greg Everett 2010-08-05
Nick - This is definitely a doctor sort of situation. But post-rehab if you come back to these workouts, cut way back on the volume of overhead lifting or whatever the aching's source is, get adapted to that level, and then incrementally increase it as tolerated. Make upper back and shoulder mobility a priority, and spend way more time warming up those areas than you want to. You should be able to google up some good shoulder prehab protocols - offhand, I know both diesel crew and t-nation have had some good articles on this.
Errol Hannigan 2010-08-05
Way to go Pat.
I am incredibly happy for you and wish you nothing but continued success.
Stand tall and keep believin' and achievin'.
Nick P 2010-08-05
Thanks Greg,

I have already been researching how to strengthen the girldle.

I do admit I haven't been warming up my shoulders as much. This will have to change now. No choice.


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