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Friday August 6 2010
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Matt Wichlinkski
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dan 2010-08-05
PR snatch 92.5?
Gene 2010-08-05
Took some video of yesterday's 80% lifts. Would love feedback as I am a coach but do not have one, and registered for the USAW/CrossFit Event in October! Thanks in advance.

Brian 2010-08-06
Gene, looks like you have some upper back rounding, especially noticeable during your cleans. I believe this files under "thoratic mobility"... Might be helpful to do some upper back foam rolling, and try to "relax" around the foam roller, if that makes sense?
Michael Miller 2010-08-06
What Brian said. Plus you could stand to be a little deeper in the jerk by bending the back knee a little more you dont want it to be straight.
Mark Gleason 2010-08-12
Love the Handsome tune!
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