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Tuesday August 10 2010
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Matt Foreman 2010-08-10
Nice clean, Steve.
jade 2010-08-10
I have been drinking green tea all day!
stef 2010-08-11
perhaps someone got some idea about this: my back squat is totally messed up. i used to do a power lifting squat (read: low bar) for over ten years, then switched to oly lifting 3 years ago and tend to have a huge problem to do a high bar squat: at the bottom position i tend to use my hips to get up - my butt lifts first, my upper body (chest) dips forward and i have a hard time getting up because i am no longer standing tall. i am stuck at triplets of 115kg (female, 72kg bw). with light weight my form is much better at the back squat, very tall, very clean.

when doing front squats (100 for a triplet)i am able to perform a tall squat (have to due to bar in rack position :-) ), but tend to dip forward a little bit, too.

especially bad is the dipping forward thing when it comes to ohs or standing after a squat snatch - i am stuck at 77kg here, because i snatch everything heavier just fine, nice squat position, tall, and then again i start to lift my butt first, can't keep the chest up, loose the weight to the front (or start running across the platform to maybe catch it...)...

my idea is - after all the ohs and snatch balance and front squats seem to do nothing to change this bad movement pattern and it keeps sticking around - that i am activating my hip/glutes/quads in a wrong way when getting up out of the squat position?! which muscles should be firing?
(in everyday live i have a pretty bad anterior pelvic tilt, short psoas, strong glutes, some lower back issues due to this, rather strong core)
Greg Everett 2010-08-11
Stef - For a while, work with weights that are light enough to allow you to squat properly. If you always push the weights, you will unavoidably revert to the positions in which you're strongest, and this will just reinforce the problem. If you're worried about losing your strength, consider doing on heavy singles in the front and back squats to maintain it, and then do some volume with lighter weight forcing yourself into the correct positions.Regarding how to actually do it, tough to give you good advice without seeing what exactly you're doing,  but here's a shot: First, try some pause squats. Sit in the bottom position for a moment to kill all the momentum. Often if you're catching the bounce but not driving properly, your hips will just shoot up and you'll be stuck in that position you're trying to avoid. From the bottom, push your feet out against the ground and drive your chest straight up - without losing your back arch, think of pushing your hips in under your shoulders, or of keeping your knees in the same place (although they will and should come back - just not as much). You can even try, obviously with pretty light weight, slowing the movement way down - this will allow you to continually adjust and give your body a chance to feel the proper movement and actually develop some strength for it. Front and back squats in an upright Oly posture will be overwhelmingly quads, glutes and adductors - fairly minimal hamstring. With regard to the snatch/OHS, always think of leading with the bar when recovering from the bottom. That is, push up on the bar and then follow it up. If you just squat it up, you're always going to lead with the hips and push the bar forward.
stef 2010-08-12
Thanks for the awesome advice! Will give the slow light weight pause squats for reps (and some heavy singles...) a try after current training cycle is over (six weeks to go till competition).

Here are videos what I am doing when snatching (comps from July 2010): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKLDplO3O7E and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZJgYOtLQPk

(catching to high when snachting, then awful long way to go down to the bottom position...)
Greg Everett 2010-08-12
Stef - First, don't worry about catching high in the snatch - you're catching the bar where you need to. That just means you can physically snatch a lot more right now.When you snatch for a while, sit in the bottom position for 2-3 seconds before you even try to stand up. When you do stand, do what I described previously about pushing up on the bar and following it. In those videos, all you're doing is opening your knees initially - you're really not moving anything up at all. You can also try 1 1/4 overhead squats. Do an overhead squat to the bottom; pause; recover to just above parallel; return to bottom; pause; stand. This will help strengthen you in that lowest position and force you to be controlled.
stef 2010-08-12
Wow, again a great idea. 1 1/4 ohs will be part of my workout tomorrow. :-) Control is really what it's all about. Thanks again! I'll let you know how it goes.
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