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Thursday August 12 2010
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Gene 2010-08-12
Missed several snatch attempts the other day at 90%. Is that normal, or was I having a really bad day?

Oh, and lifting straps make a HUGE difference in the clean pulls and snatch pulls! My hands were feeling beat after two days of those exercises last week, but are pretty good now that I got the straps.
Andy 2010-08-12
How were you missing the attempts... in front, back, etc? If it wasn't a technique issue Gene, then yes it is possible your body wasn't feeling it that day. However I would think that 90% would be the absolute lowest percentage one should miss, if your technique is there.
Greg Everett 2010-08-12
Gene - It's not abnormal. 90% is heavy - this is a tough cycle. If you have a day like that, drop back down to the last weight you made well and do a single or two there before moving on.
Gene 2010-08-12
I felt like it was heavy... I jumped in mid cycle, so I wasn't sure. I ended up dropping down in weight, doing a few, then moving on to c&j. Those went much better. On the snatch, I wasn't pulling under fast enough.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
Greg Everett 2010-08-12
Gene - Jumping in mid-cycle is a good way to make that cycle not work right. So it's not a surprise they didn't feel good. Make adjustments as necessary as you continue.
Thomas 2010-08-12

Thanks for the great program and inspiration. I'm lucky enough to live close to a gym with the right equipment. I have been following your program for a few weeks now in AZ. 90% felt so light today I had to try for a new PR. (nailed it) Thanks again

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