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Monday August 16 2010
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Gene 2010-08-16
F@$%! tweaked my neck during a jerk, had to stop workout to ice. Neck is stiff and tender, who knows how long this will last! Think I'll go re-read that injury newsletter...
Bobby 2010-08-16
What is the start date of the next cycle? I am a newbie and want to jump on the next new cycle. Is there a place to go for newbie's to get caught up? I have many questions.

bobby 2010-08-16
I just found the training info link. I think that will get me started. Pretty pumped.
Bobby 2010-08-16
What is the next cycle? Any details like how many weeks? I want to get my research in and any practice this next week so I am squared away for the cycle. Thanks again, pardon all of the newbie questions.
travis cassidy 2010-08-16
greg on the 3 position snatch should it be light enough to hold the bar for all 3 lifts, or can you drop each one
Greg Everett 2010-08-16
Bobby - Next cycle will run 5 weeks. Next week will be a transition week that will prep you with the right exercises.
Greg Everett 2010-08-16
Travis - You want to keep it off the floor between reps if you can, but you should also use straps so you're not limited by grip and/or hand destruction.
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