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Wednesday August 18 2010
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mattpalozola 2010-08-18
Anyone have any thoughts on the new nike shoes vs the adistar shoe?
Thomas Gallagher 2010-08-18
They are both super nice. I tried the adistars and liked them a lot, but had some trouble finding them. I started reading up on the Romaleos and decided to go with them instead. I have been stoked with the nike's. No slosh in the shoe like I had with my Do-Wins. They also seem to have more lift in the heel with has been great for my lifts.

The only thing I didnt like about the nikes is there is a pretty good amount of arch in the soles they give you, I am flat footed. I loosened up the middle of the laces a bit and it took care of the problem, and still no slosh. Great shoe.
mattpalozola 2010-08-18
Thanks for the thoughts. I have a high arch so that should workout well. Now all i have to do is find my size
J2theA 2010-08-19
Where do you get the Nike's from? I can only find the adistar's...
Thomas Gallagher 2010-08-19
id consider going a half size larger depending on what you feel comfortable with. What was somewhat roomy in a vans, converse, or do-win is snug in the nike. they are breaking in nice however.

rogue fitness has the nikes.
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