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Saturday August 21 2010
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Mike Haytack 2010-08-21
I played today minus the back squats. I'm on my 4th week of a strength cycle. I usually accomplish the "Snatch Game" on Saturday mornings (see link below), but I couldn't resist this session today. It came out as expected, I'm pretty wore out from the heavy sets I've been doing this past four weeks. All weights in lbs.

Snatch - max-145
Clean & jerk - max-185

Stiff-legged deadlift - 3 x 5 @ 225

Snatch Game http://www.youtube.com/user/MensaMike#p/a/u/0/zMvWSwWH8Lg
Sam Natour 2010-08-21
Shoulder still a bit hurt , so no max snatch.

Clean and jerk -87.5 kg. Felt too easy to be a max,but I missed 90 so..

back squat -137 kg.

Went very light on the stiff legged deadlifts.

Also, a quick question. Is strict pressing ever programmed into the workouts or is it not useful for developping strength for the jerk?
Jonathan Dinh 2010-08-22
I'd like to thank you for your great programming. I finally reached my goal PR's for this year!!!

Snatch - 185# PR
Clean and Jerk - 225# PR
Back Squat - 325#

at a body weight of 155
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